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Welcome to the Fall ‘20 Release

Expanded views, new widgets, freshly-added Revenue Signals, and more updates has turned this Fall season into a
cornucopia of features for easier and more streamlined sales activities

Revenue Signals

Introducing new Revenue Signals

We’re welcoming a fresh batch of smart alerts and notifications that will guide your whole
team to closed won and help them stay on track and speed up sales cycles




Pipeline Visibility

Expanded Pipeline view


You can now see corresponding Signals for each deal in your pipeline

Last touch

Immediately know when the last touch happened for each deal and what it was

Next step

Next step is now displayed for each deal as it is recorded in Saleforce

Multi-criteria filter

Apply any criteria or several at once to control what you want to see or exclude

Opportunity Analytics

New Widgets in Opportunity View

Contextualized Signals

Signals are now sorted into Active, Ignored, and Resolved to help you navigate faster

Last touch point

Always know the last touch point for each deal. With an improved UI, too

What’s next in SFDC

Find out immeditately when the next step is updated in SFDC and what it is

People Intelligence

Activity drill-down with real-time data

Relationship Intelligence

See the communication behind the numbers: what was happening, what emails were exchanged, what meetings conducted and more

Team Activity

Drill down into each rep’s activity numbers: which Accounts they are communicating with and in what way exactly

img-Activity drill-down1

Machine Learning

Evergreen contacts database

Your team’s communication activity is only as relevant as your contacts are up-to-date.
Revenue Grid automatically parses your contacts’ details, including their signatures,
titles, addresses, company names, phone numbers, and more to keep them evergreen

Mass Actions

New mass actions for managing sequences

Great news for LDRs, SDRs, and BDRs operating large volumes of leads and sequences. We have added mass actions to help you easily manage your outreach and nurturing

  • Mass remove from a sequence
  • Mass add to a sequence
  • Mass group based on any criteria
  • Mass delete from all sequences
CSV Support

Extended possibilities with CSV

We have made working with CSV files so much better for data lovers, like
adding more room for comparative analytics and modeling

  • Export metrics to model and analyze results
  • Click on tiles to review lists of people
  • View accumulative stats
  • Add a title, like Ms, Mrs, Mr


High Availability

Enterprise-level infrastructure with multiple instances

Companies will now be able to have Revenue Engage run smoothly on different channels,
no matter how complex their infrastructure requirements are

Salesforce Integration

More options with Salesforce integration

Auto-import of views

We have improved the configuration of auto-import of Salesforce views. It is now disabled by default

Lead-to-Contact conversion

Now sequences will stop automatically for all converted Contacts so that you can decide how to engage them further. No duplicates will be created

Auto-logging options

You can now automatically log calls, SMS, and mics to Salesforce as completed tasks



MS Teams Integration

MS Teams and Scheduler Integration

More details in Signals

You can now see the email body right in the Signal tile that we show in your MS Teams channel

Dedicated tab

Get Revenue Grid built right into teams as a tab to always have the right info at your fingertips

Dedicated chat

Auto-generate link to MS Teams with Book me or time slots & have all participants added to a dedicated chat automatically

Privacy and Security

MS Graph for greater security of your organization

Granular access

Manage data access requests, monitor and audit user actions, and know who outside your organization has access to what data

Login via Office 365

You can now use your Office 365 account to login to SFDC faster and more securely

Bridge to all Office 365 apps

You can now connect to SFDC and sync all Office apps like MS Teams and Forms for better flexibility