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Welcome to the
Summer ‘20 Release

From easier account nurturing to x-ray-vision superpowers for you and your
sales team, here’s a condensed list of this summer’s hottest new features,
improvements, and integrations.

Account-Based Selling

Engage prospects better with improved account-based nurturing

We improved reply detection for different collaboration scenarios in account nurturing, and made it easier to group same-account recipients in a single email.

As an additional bonus, we added upgraded cc support. Now responses received from people in cc won’t stop your sequences.




CSV Support for importing contacts or working CRM-lessly

You now have the option to import contacts to Revenue Engage with .cvs files. Just drag and drop, or upload a file from storage. Contacts will be added directly to your sequence. Easy and fast.


Improved signature editor in Sequences

Signatures are very important in email communication, so don’t miss this update! Now you can edit your signature in your sequences: change fonts, colors, add images, or simply copy-paste it.


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Outlook Sidebar

Enjoy more freedom with Outlook Sidebar actions

In addition to adding a lead to a sequence, you may now finish your sequences right from your Inbox. Higher productivity, more freedom.

Automated Nurturing

Set up Signals and conditions for more intricate automation rules

We’ve added more autonomy to sequences and the way you’d like them to behave in different scenarios. For example, now a sequence will automatically stop as soon as a lead accepts your meeting invite.
You may also set up conditions and Signals that will trigger sequence steps to be skipped or muted.

img-Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Deeper Granular Analytics

We’ve expanded the capacity of the analytics suite to give you a step-by-step breakdown on each email – who opened, who clicked, who opted out, etc

Pipeline Healthcheck

X-ray your pipeline with better precision and speed

Now you can x-ray your pipeline and see which opportunities are Good, Need Attention, or are At Risk at a glance.


The best part? Revenue Guide will calculate the status of each opp in strict accordance with your own rules: it weighs every Signal and condition filter you set and measures the actual level of engagement.



Guided Selling

Smoother actions with upgraded Signals

We’ve added read/unread status to Signals so that you and your team know which ones are being taken care of and which ones are still pending. What’s more, your active Signals will be completed automatically as soon you finish the suggested action.

Guided Selling

Signals that work with MS Teams

Want to get your Signals in a dedicated MS Teams channel? No problem. You can now set up MS Teams as a channel of communication for Revenue Signals.

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New Integration


Get the full revenue experience as a Gmail user

Great news for Gmail, Google Calendar, and G Suite users! We’ve revamped our Gmail integration so you can employ the full potential of Revenue Guide for your organization, from Signals to pipeline health and Relationship Intelligence.

New Integration

Leverage Conversational Intelligence with Zoom integration

Get unique insights into your conversations with prospects and set up Signals to follow through with the next step according to what’s been said. All recordings and transcripts will be auto-saved to the proper meeting in Salesforce.

Data Capture

Lightning-speed Contact capture with Signature Drag’n’drop

Got a fresh contact that needs to be added to Salesforce? Just grab the person’s signature, drag it to the Sidebar and drop! The contact info will be prefilled and captured. Pretty sweet, right?

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Email Tracking

New hot key for Engagement Notifications

We have improved Email tracking and the Engagement panel in Sidebar. Now you will get notifications on engagements with all emails and threads that you are tracking. Need a new start? Just reset tracking notifications to zero.

Calendar Features

Use colors with Google Calendar

If you like color coding your Calendar, you are not alone! We have improved our Calendar sync to allow your color codes to be transferred seamlessly when syncing.

img-Calendar Features

Sharing and Delegating

Improved usability of shared mailboxes and
delegated Calendars

With the improved logic of shared mailboxes and delegated Calendars, there’s now a
myriad of collab scenarios that you may employ in your organization.