What Is Sales Operations?

Behind every well-oiled sales machine, you’ll find a tireless Sales Operations team. Find out their exact function and responsibilities right here.

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What is Sales Operations? Sales Operations refers to the team that works on a company’s sales strategies to try and increase sales. It can also be used to talk about the actual work of engineering sales strategies.

Sales Operations are fully focused on the outcomes of their sales organization’s activities. Their ultimate goal is to optimize the process of sales to sell more product more efficiently.

Key Functions of Sales Operations

The main tasks of Sales Operations are to study every part of the sales process and determine what’s working best. From training, to methodologies, to software, Sales Ops track metrics and research possibilities to improve them.

The scope of Sales Operations’ work usually includes:

  • Data analysis and reporting on sales performance.
  • Collection of insights for sales process optimization.
  • Covering administrative and operational tasks.
  • Creation of new techniques that help to speed up the sales cycle.
  • Choosing software tools and integrating smart solutions into the sales process.

Put simply, Sales Operations try to systematize the selling process. Tools like Revenue Grid help to gather, systemize, and analyze all the data for further decision making.

The Structure of Sales Operations Team

The number of people working in a sales operations unit and the scope of tasks they cover varies depending on the company size and structure. As a rule, sales specialists in small companies perform the tasks that sales operations representatives deal with in enterprises.

There are four main roles in a sales operations team:

  • Sales Operations Representative
  • Sales Operations Analyst
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Director of Sales Operations

Who Is a Sales Operations Manager?

While the task of a Sales Manager is to meet quotas and KPIs, a Sales Operation Manager focuses on how to optimize the work of the salespeople and make it easier to achieve targets. A Sales Operations Manager also takes on administrative and operational tasks to leave more time for Sales Managers to work in the field. In a way, a Sales Operations Manager guides the salespeople that work directly with clients, making the most of tactical and strategic decisions.

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