Transform your
revenue operations and drive growth

When it comes to an organization’s growth, revenue operations is the lead actor and, without a doubt, data is the co-star.
In this webinar, top RevOps professionals discuss ways to boost growth with a data-driven approach.

Watch the webinar

  • Dan Cilley
    Vendor Neutral

  • Courtney Sylvester

  • Beverlie Heyman

  • Carter Perez
    Revenue Grid

What you’ll learn in the webinar

settingsYou need the right tech

What are the main technologies you need for capturing, analyzing, and monetizing data?

device_hubRev Ops is interdisciplinary

Why should RevOps be an interdisciplinary mix of sales, marketing, customer success, and other departments?

schoolTreating RevOps as a system

Why is treating revenue operations as a system critical for business growth? How do you achieve this?

descriptionBeing strategic with training

Why is strategy essential in your reps’ onboarding and training programs?

Turn your RevOps into a growth machine

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    Duration – 1 hour

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