Salesforce Lightning Scheduler: An Overview

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Salesforce Lightning Scheduler makes it easy for you to communicate with customers, build relationships, and improve sales performance. Whether you’re onboarding a new customer, doing a product demonstration, supporting a customer online, or conducting an interview, Salesforce Lightning Scheduler helps you schedule all of your meetings quickly.

What is Salesforce Lightning Scheduler?

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is a Salesforce add-on that allows your customers to book appointments with your business. With this tool, you enable customers to schedule a meeting, phone call, video call, or in-person discussion with members of your team, right on your website.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler supports location- and capacity-controlled booking use cases. That means your customers can book based on factors like resource capacity, room availability, or hours of operation. With enhanced visibility, you can assign resources more efficiently, better serve your customers, and create consistent experiences across channels.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler leverages many core data models and functionalities of Salesforce Field Service. Although it’s designed for businesses of all types, it’s more appropriate for companies with less complex service needs. If you need more customization options and advanced features to manage appointments, you may want to use Salesforce Field Service instead.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler’s key features:

  • Set up workflows to make it easier for your customers to schedule, edit, and cancel appointments.
  • Create Salesforce records that reflect your employees’ skills and areas of expertise to set your team up for successful appointments.
  • Grant the right permissions to the right employees and set up territories.

Important notes about Salesforce Lightning Scheduler:

  • It’s available as add-ons for Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Consumer Goods Cloud.
  • It’s not available for those with Platform User licenses with Resource Schedules.
  • It’s not available for businesses and organizations using Salesforce Field Service.
  • You have to turn on Lightning Experience to enable Lightning Scheduler.

How Do You Set Up Lightning Scheduler?

Setting up Salesforce Lightning Scheduler takes some time. You can follow these official guides from Salesforce to understand its requirements and how you can get started:

Using Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is a good way to schedule appointments and manage customer conversations. That said, many users report receiving conflicting appointments and missed time slots because their time slots are not updated in real time when using this tool. If you’re in this situation, consider a Salesforce Lightning Scheduler alternative.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler Adapter

Revenue Inbox uses a unique adapter for Salesforce Lightning Scheduler that removes all the hassles when scheduling appointments and helps you keep in touch with customers through their entire journey, anywhere, anytime. With Revenue Grid, users can now select the merged availability from both Salesforce and Outlook / Gmail calendars when booking via the Lightning Scheduler.

The best part? Revenue Inbox updates and synchronizes all data between your CRM, Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook in real-time. There are no conflicting appointments, lost time slots, or missed event information with Revenue Inbox Lightning Scheduler Adapter. You also no longer have to switch back-and-forth between Outlook or Gmail and Salesforce or manually duplicate scheduled events.

Revenue Inbox’s key features:

  • Automatically show customers the real-time, merged availability from your Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail calendars in Lightning Scheduler.
  • It’s easy to reschedule, add invitees, and manage changes about leads, contacts, opportunities, and other custom objects right from your Outlook or Gmail Inbox.
  • Get a complete picture of your potential customers in your Inbox, stay on top of your relationships, and close deals at the right time — no need to sign in to Salesforce.
  • Fully compatible with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Revenue Inbox is a highly customizable and all-in-one appointment scheduling solution for businesses of all types and sizes. Contact us today for a full-featured demo.

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