Salesforce Email Templates: Full Guide

Save time and standardize email sent by you or others

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Your email marketing campaign’s success depends on the quality of your content. And if you’re like most businesses, creating effective emails can take a lot of time and effort. That’s where Salesforce email templates come in!

Salesforce email templates allow you to create custom emails in minutes. Using them, you can spend more time focusing on other priorities while still delivering consistent and engaging content to your audience.

This article will explain what Salesforce email templates are and how you can create them easily.

What Are Salesforce Email Templates?

Salesforce email templates are the easiest way to get your emails done. They help you create and send quick emails that include merge fields from Salesforce records like Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Custom Objects.

When you have a large number of contacts or leads in Salesforce, it can be difficult to keep track of who needs to be notified about new information. Salesforce email templates allow you to combine all these contacts or leads into one email and then send it out simultaneously.

Salesforce Email Templates Description

Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience, and Email Template Builder (created in Lightning Experience) are the three types of Salesforce email templates. You can use all three email template types within an org.

Salesforce Classic Email Templates

Salesforce Classic email templates are great for sending emails that include field data from Salesforce records.

When crafting an email template in Salesforce Classic, you can choose among these options: text, HTML with Classic Letterhead, custom, and Visualforce.

Salesforce Lightning Email Templates

Salesforce Lightning email templates provide the same functionality as Salesforce Classic email templates but with more advanced features.

For example, in Salesforce Classic email templates, the Classic Letterhead standardizes the header and footer of an email template with only the logo and contact information. In Salesforce Lightning email templates, you can also include rich text, merge fields, images, links, and other styling (so-called enhanced letterhead).

Salesforce Email Template Builder

Salesforce Email Template Builder is a visual tool for creating rich, engaging email templates. With this tool, you can easily design your email messages based on your company’s branding and style.

Note that with Salesforce Email Template Builder, you can only use HTML and can’t create a letterhead.

How to Create Salesforce Email Templates

Salesforce email templates make it easier for you to create consistent emails. That said, it can be challenging if you’re using different channels like Salesforce, Outlook, or Gmail to communicate with leads. You may need to switch back and forth between these platforms, which can decrease your productivity.

To avoid that situation, you can use a revenue intelligence platform tightly integrated with Salesforce, like Revenue Grid.

With Revenue Grid, you can send emails and sales sequences directly from Salesforce using your personal email address. This means you can use standard or customized templates, include HTML or any attachments in your email, and access all sent emails in Sent items in your Outlook or Gmail.


Revenue Grid also allows you to edit sales sequences easily using mass actions. You can add leads to the sequences automatically with an engagement planner and detect replies and send responses in the same thread.


Another powerful tool of Revenue Grid is Email Sidebar Add-on/Chrome Extension which lets you initiate and maintain business correspondence. It connects directly to Salesforce, so you can use both popular Salesforce message templates and customized Lightning Experience email templates to communicate with your leads. Additionally, ​this add-on automatically populates your chosen template with key data retrieved from a relevant Salesforce record or the email’s body and signature. This helps you quickly build, customize, and send emails without leaving your inbox!

Improve Salesforce email templates with Revenue Grid

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