Send emails from Salesforce

Stay focused on your leads and deals without contantly
switching between Salesforce and Outlook

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How to send email from Salesforce using your
personal email address

Send emails directly from Salesforce

No more switching between windows or wasting time on copy-pasting email adresses. Email any lead or contact directly from a tab in Salesforce with a single click

  • Your emails will be sent from your personal email address
  • Use standard or customized templates
  • Include HTML or any attachments into your email
  • Access all sent emails in Sent items in your Outlook or Gmail

Send emails from Salesforce - Revenue Grid

Send sales sequences from Saleforce - Revenue Grid

Send sales sequences from Saleforce

Send mass emails from Salesforce and maximize your engagement efforts. All emails will be sent from your personal email address, and you can add new leads to your sequences in a click

  • Set up and edit your sequences easily using mass actions
  • Manage multiple contacts from the same Account
  • Detect replies immediately and continue communication in the same thread
  • Add Leads to sequences automatically with engagement planner

What are the best ways
to engage with your leads in Salesforce?

Does getting 10x better engagement with your leads sound good? If it does, then it’s time to get acquainted with
automated nurturing for Salesforce. There are several ways in which you and your reps can communicate with your
leads using email directly from Salesforce

Way 1

Send individual emails

Reps can send individual emails from Salesforce using Revenue Grid’s functionality built into the CRM. This will allow reps to save a lot of time on switching between windows and improve productivity. Revenue Grid will ensure the emails feel and look like regular emails sent from Inbox, and the replies will continue in the same thread. Also, all sent items will be available in Outlook or Gmail as well

Send individual emails - Revenue Grid

Send mass emails - Revenue Grid

Way 2

Send mass emails

There’s also a possiblity to send mass emails from Salesforce. These are automated sequences that your reps can set up, manage, and send directly from Salesforce, as well as from Revenue Grid. These sequences can be personalized using Salesforce fields or customized as Salesforce templates. Again, emails will be sent from your reps’ personal email address and the replies will be continued in the same thread

Way 3

Smart sequence management

Sending emails directly from your Salesforce account saves time and streamlines the whole engagement process. Smart rules for scheduling and managing sequence allow to stop or pause them automatically after a reply, nurture Accounts, and significantly improve reply and meeting rates

Send emails from Salesforce - Revenue Grid

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