Revenue Operations Manager:
Definition, Responsibilities, Job Description

What Does a Revenue Operations Manager Actually Do?

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Becoming a revenue operations manager is a dream of most people working in the revenue operations team. To be hired for this position, you’ll need many high-level skills and extensive experience across areas like sales, marketing, and finance.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the revenue operations manager role.

What Is Revenue Operations?

Revenue operations refer to bringing sales, marketing, and customer service together to drive revenue growth for a business. It ensures all of these teams work towards the same goals and gives managerial stakeholders a complete view of revenue streams.

What Does a Revenue Operations Manager Do?

Here’s what a revenue operations manager do on a daily basis:

  • Determine sales and marketing strategies that help increase revenue.
  • Review and improve workflows so that sales, marketing, and customer service teams can collaborate effectively.
  • Identify technological solutions that help improve relevant teams’ performance and enhance the customer experience throughout the buying journey.
  • Collect and analyze data across departments to help maximize sales productivity.
  • Manage a revenue operations team, from guiding their activities to tracking their performance.

Who Needs a Revenue Operations Manager?

Not every business needs a revenue operations manager. This position is most common in enterprises, fast-growing companies, and B2B SaaS environments.

Revenue Operations Team Structure

An ideal revenue operations team can have revenue operations specialists and a revenue operations manager. But depending on your business, you may want to hire other positions like revenue operations analyst, revenue operations data manager, and director of revenue operations.

Revenue Operations Manager Skills

To prepare for this role, you should equip yourself with a deep understanding of workflow, process, and system administration. You should also familiarize yourself with sales reporting, sales forecasting, sales process, and other areas of sales management. Proven experience with Salesforce, CRM, and revenue intelligence software can help make your profile stand out.

Regarding soft skills, you should be able to work effectively within a sales team environment and across departments. You should also have strong communication, problem-solving, analytical, planning, and presentation skills.

Revenue Operations Manager Job Description

Typically, a revenue operations manager job description includes the following responsibilities and requirements:


  • Lead a team of revenue operations specialists and oversee sales funnel and operational metrics.
  • Provide analytical thought leadership for go-to-market plans, sales plans, and marketing activities, delivering actionable insights to establish strategic operational priorities.
  • Develop processes, workflows, and incentive programs to help motivate teams and boost business performance.
  • Work closely with sales operations manager, marketing manager, customer service manager, and other relevant departments to monitor business strategies, revenue growth, and KPIs.
  • Participate in company programs and initiatives, including webinars, sales coaching workshops, and other educational activities.


  • At least 5 years working in business management, sales operations, sales planning, or revenue operations.
  • Expert-level knowledge of Salesforce and CRM.
  • Strong analytical, operational, problem solving, planning, time management, and project management foundation.
  • Highly proficient in financial modeling, revenue modeling, sales approaches, and reporting.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills.
  • Strong ability to work collaboratively and independently.

Now that you’ve understood what a revenue operations manager does and how to become one. If you’re interested in applying for this job, then get yourself ready for it now.

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