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Six of the best sales hacks guaranteed to boost engagement

Prioritizing your sales engagement is crucial if you want to get ahead in sales.

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Every sales professional worth their salt has a number of sales hacks up their sleeve that help them close deals faster than their competitors. Everyone working in the industry needs to have a competitive edge. You can achieve this by maintaining a repertoire of reliable sales hacks and by experimenting with new ones on a regular basis.

We looked at a number of sales hacks to discover which of them work best at any business, in any industry. We wanted to find the best hacks for maximising sales and sales engagements, techniques that can really help you optimise your selling time.

The best sale hacks you can use to maximise your sales

We discovered that these six sales hacks will significantly boost your sales engagement. We’re confident of their effectiveness as we conducted in-depth interviews with other 300 sales teams on how sales engagement will help them address their most pressing problems of 2020 and beyond. Engagement should be your number one spending priority so let’s dive in and examine our findings.

Make your content easy to consume

As a writer it pains me to say this but many companies seriously underuse the content they produce. According to some surveys up to 60% of the marketing content produced by sales enterprises isn’t used by the sales team during negotiations. This is not only a waste of work resources it’s a sales wasted opportunity.

Content works, it’s an excellent tool for you to boost your sales so make sure it’s easy for your prospect to find. Include a content folder as part of every sales pitch for the prospect to access, and create a dedicated content channel in whatever communication app your company uses. After all, a smoother process means more selling time.

Get influencers to work for you

This hopefully isn’t news to you but it’s not just money that makes the world go around, it revolves around social media too. You’re likely to be familiar with how to use LinkedIn for sales but you can branch out. Don’t just think about using social media to publicise your products yourself, look for influencers who can do it for you.

Look for social media influencers who have an interest in your field and work with them to promote your product. They’ll publicize it on their social media pages and can offer discounts, access to limited edition features, run competitions etc. Don’t think about just the Kardashians here there are many different kinds of influencers.

Make sure your timing is top notch

We all know the importance of punctuality for scheduling meetings and appointments but good timing goes beyond scheduling alone. Maximizing your sales requires you to maximise the timing of your communications like emails. Knowing when to send an email, and when not to, is an excellent sales hack.

Send emails so that they’ll be sitting in your prospect’s inbox at the start of the day. Consider your days too, for example, Wednesday and Thursday tend to be your best bets for pitching emails. Avoid Monday and Friday as these days are usually busier and given over to planning, and never try to set anything up around lunchtime.

Reward customer loyalty

This might seem like more of a customer service hack but a returning customer is just as part of a healthy sales pipeline as a new one. Returning customers are golden as they’re a reliable source of income, so focus on making sure they come back for more. You can achieve this by setting up a loyalty program.

There are many forms this can take, for example, you can offer repeated or accumulating discounts or enter customers into exclusive prize draws. The exact form of the program is not as important as actually implementing it. There’s a reason many businesses offer a loyalty program, it works, so set one up as soon as possible.

Support social causes as part of your sales pipeline

Saying that the world is going through a turbulent time at the moment is something of an understatement. Coronavirus has wrecked economies, protests about racial inequality continue in many countries, and social media is dominated by chatter about social causes. You shouldn’t think of this as a negative however, consumers are more likely to view a brand favourly if it supports the social causes of their choice.

If you’re unsure about which cause to support you can poll your customers, your team, or both. You’ll find out what cause is likely to increase your marketability and maximise sales. After you choose a particular cause you can support it via fundraising drives, content sharing etc, just make sure you stick to the particular cause after you’ve selected it as nobody likes a flip flop.

Sort and streamline your data

As a sales professional you can accumulate a lot of data, information that may seem overwhelming and sometimes useful. However, there is no such thing as useless information; you simply need a way to organise it for you. Streamlining your information can really maximise your sales so it’s important to sort it correctly.

You can focus on your selling time by using a CRM system that is highly detailed and allows you to set up reminders about every aspect of the sales process. As you can imagine this kind of system needs to be engaging not just to your prospect but to your team as well. Otherwise you’ll get lost in the data and faily to use it effectively to maximise sales.

How to make sure you channel your engagement perfectly

These six sales hacks will go a long way towards ensuring that your selling time is sufficiently engaging to maximise your sales. A good CRM system will boost your sales success but it can do so much more. Finding the right CRM for your sales team will ensure that your sales engagement is absolutely unassailable.

Revenue Grid’s dedicated guided selling CRM, Revenue Guide, is guaranteed to ensure your team’s engagement reaches its peak. It allows you to control every aspect of the sales pipeline to microscopic detail. You can set customizable reminders and signals to ensure your team is thoroughly engaged and never misses important information.

The Revenue Guide system is fully integratable with any existing sales playbook, whatever its complexity. Any team member using the tool can customize it to ensure it works for them, not the other way round. It’s design is intuitive, easy to use and can record vast amounts of data.

If you would like to learn more about Revenue Grid or its sister products make sure you visit our website and blog. You can stay up to date with our latest content on the sales industry as we regularly update our blog. Also, make sure you like and subscribe to our social media pages for the latest updates.