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Automatically capture and save all relevant data and activities in your CRM.
Determine the health of your sales pipeline and take action before deals go south.
Help your team gain better focus via custom Signals alerts.

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What I like best about Revenue Grid is that I don’t have to think about it. I simply send my emails and know that they are recorded. As a sales manager, I don’t have to harass my sales reps to enter info. It is just there.

Scott G., Vice President of Sales and Operations,
Dale Carnegie of Southeast Michigan

Top Sales ops use Revenue Grid to drive
predictable growth

Automatically capture and centralize all sales data and activities

Easily capture and save all your sales data from Outlook or Gmail and your calendar to Salesforce without having to manually enter it.

  • Automatically save all emails, activities, and calendar items to your CRM platform
  • Increase your team’s CRM adoption with the industry’s best automation tool
  • Improve forecasting accuracy with reliable and reportable data

Help your team see the real state of deals with Signals

Create Signals alerts to notify your team about deals that are at risk or stalling. Help your reps to quickly identify bottlenecks in the pipeline and save deals before they go south.

  • Create Signals that notify your reps about pipeline changes
  • Set alerts for healthy, at-risk, or stalling deals
  • Help reps understand pipeline shifts and changes

Nudge your reps on to the next best steps in the sales process

Improve your team’s productivity with Revenue Signals that prompt them to act quickly before deals turn red. Create custom Signals to help your team focus on what matters.

  • Create custom Signals for a deal or rep
  • Receive instant notifications about pipeline changes
  • Set up specific Signals for each team to drive their focus



Ensure your team follows the correct playbooks

Help your reps implement best practices in real time by using Signals. Identify which Signals alerts impact your team’s performance and how your team interacts with them

  • Guide your team to the best next steps with Signals
  • Verify and replicate your top reps’ best practices across the team
  • Align your team to drive repeatable success and more revenue

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