Here’s how top RevOps take
revenue to the next level

Get a 360-degree view of your pipeline, deals, and team’s activities. Scale and measure
best practices across teams to drive repeatable and predictable revenue growth. Help
your reps focus on activities that move the needle with Revenue Signals alerts.

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I love the fact that I can instantly see what’s going on with the pipeline, team, quota, and win rates.
Now I know for certain how much pipeline we’re working with, what our stoppers are at every stage, what methods and practices work, and we can take action to implement any change in real time.

Camilla W., Revenue Operations Manager

Effortlessly transform your pipeline
into predictable revenue

Get a 360-degree view of your pipeline in real-time

Discover which deals are moving, stalled, or at risk at every stage. Accurately track your team’s progress towards hitting the quota and identify risks and opportunities that your reps may have missed.

  • See the actual state of deals at every stage
  • Have an accurate understanding of how many deals are moving through your pipeline
  • Know how many deals are in the pipeline at every stage

Scale and measure best practices across your team

Easily implement best practices and playbooks across your team with Revenue Signals alerts. See how well your reps work with the alerts and the resulting impact on your pipeline.

  • Prompt your team to take the next best steps with Signals
  • See and replicate the best practices of your top reps
  • Align your team to drive repeatable success and revenue

Help your team sell smarter with Revenue Signals

Create actionable Signals that alert your team on the next best steps in the sales process. Help your team focus on activities that move opportunities through the pipeline.

  • Create custom Revenue Signals for a particular deal or rep
  • Get instant alerts about pipeline shifts or changes
  • Assign specific Signals to a team to increase members’ focus


Know whether or not your team will hit their numbers

See the progress of each rep on your team throughout the sales process. See exactly how many deals each rep has in the pipeline and the number of deals that are likely to close

  • Get a visual representation of your reps’ progress per deal
  • See the amount of deals each rep has in the pipeline
  • See which reps are likely to hit or miss the quota

Drive predictable and
repeatable revenue
without stress

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