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Revenue Grid Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Best Revenue Operations Software

Mountain View, CA, August 2021 – G2, the world’s largest site for B2B software user reviews, has ranked Revenue Grid, the Revenue Operations and Intelligence platform, in the top 10 Highest Rated Software in Revenue Operations category. The category recognizes the growing impact of Revenue Operations software in providing visibility and controllability in the revenue process, accelerating growth, and driving predictable results.

“Revenue Grid, as a leader in Revenue Operations, is ready to help Sales and RevOps teams take control of their sales process” said Vlad Voskresensky, CEO of Revenue Grid. “Revenue Grid strives to make the sales process more predictable and efficient for any business, allowing sales team to understand how close they are to their quota at each stage of the sales process, what are the risks to its attainment, and what steps to follow to make actual revenue match forecasts.”

Revenue Grid received four- and five-star reviews from 94% of its users. In addition, 72% of users praised the platform’s ability to connect the Salesforce CRM to their email, describing how it has saved them time, effort, and a lot of headaches. Below are some other comments that Revenue Grid users have left on the G2 site:

  • “The best application to manage pipeline and keep track on deals”
  • “Works without thinking about it”
  • “Revenue Grid is a game-changer for our organization”
  • “The platform makes our daily work simpler”
  • “Provides full pipeline visibility and sales process control with Guided Selling”

According to G2 methodology, a product must have the following characteristics to qualify for the Revenue Operations category:

  • Provide AI features to organize customer interaction data across various business systems
  • Provide features to analyze account engagement by multiple sales representatives
  • Provide performance metrics on revenue KPIs

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