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How can sales teams beat the challenges of 2022?

Learn how top sales teams are already getting ahead with Guided Selling and align your sales organization around solving your teams’ biggest problems

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Problems that bring misalignment to teams:

  • 71%

    of VPs are not completely confident they can adapt their strategy fast enough

  • 75%

    of Sales Ops are overwhelmed with new responsibilities at work

  • 80%

    of Sales Managers are not entirely sure in their team’s ability to meet quota

  • 77%

    of sales reps struggle to complete everything on their to-do lists

Insights for everyone on your sales team

  • VPs of Sales

    Bringing agility to your strategy

    57% of high-performing sales organizations are using AI to improve agility. See how they do it and how you can apply it to your team

  • Sales Operations

    Finding a way to shorten sales cycles

    See how tech-savvy Sales Ops help their teams cut ramp up time by 42%, fight siloed data and bring better productivity to the team

  • Sales Managers

    Regaining certainty in your team’s ability to meet quota

    Understand what’s going on at each stage of each deal, empty “the junk drawer of tasks” and stop prioritizing everything

  • Sales reps and AEs

    Gaining focus in your sales activities

    Explore how to get clear, actionable insights from sales data and use them to take the right actions at the right time with every deal

Break through 2022
with Guided Selling


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