G2 names Revenue Grid
Top 50 software of 2023

We are honored to be included in The Best Sales Products list and pledge to keep providing outstanding service to our customers.

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How revenue intelligence software transforms
your sales process in 5 steps

  • 1

    Automate data

  • 2

    Drive deeper

  • 3

    Gain visibility
    into revenue

  • 4

    Replace guessing
    with guidance

  • 5

    Make forecasts


Step 1

Automate data capture

Gather complete data related to your deals,
prospects and engagements automatically

  • Auto-save all touchpoints to Salesforce
  • Auto-create and link leads and contacts
  • Customize to match your sales process

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Step 2

Drive deeper engagement

Engage more efficiently with prospects using automated sequences native to Salesforce with our sales engagement tool.

  • Mix email, calls, SMS, and social media in your sequences
  • Pause, stop, start your sequences automatically
  • Update Salesforce data automatically

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Step 3

Gain visibility into your revenue

Gain complete real-time visibility into every deal in your pipeline with Revenue Grid sales intelligence tool

  • Check pipeline health and key metrics in a matter of seconds
  • Get alerts on changes in deal sizes, close dates, and scores
  • Access complete data from your sales technology stack

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Step 4

Replace guessing with guidance

Transform your sales data into action with contextual signals that guide reps to more wins with Revenue Grid revenue intelligence software

  • Gain more controllability over the sales process
  • Auto-alert your team to deals at risk or silent deals
  • Get contextual actionable insights from your sales data

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Step 5

Make sales forecasting accurate

Uncover risks in the pipeline with our sales management software and make your actual and forecasted revenue finally match up

  • Submit and adjust individual and team forecasts for future period
  • Track changes to the forecast during selected period
  • Receive Revenue Signals about changes in the forecast in real time

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The reason behind our growth during the economic downturn was discovering and fixing leaks within our revenue generation process.

Darren Knapp,
Director, Global Operations at Slalom Consulting


By using Revenue Grid’s products, VDA, Inc has become more efficient, improved client interaction, and developed more business.

Shayna Pitman,
Senior Project Coordinator, Key Accounts at VDA, Inc.


If your sales team wastes hours on solving miscommunication issues, Revenue Grid is a must. It’ll get your team back to the high-ROI work.

John Lay,
VP of IT at Camping World


By using Revenue Grid, we’ve found that there’s a 20% increase in the number of cases that our case staff can handle. That’s a big increase in productivity.

Brian Walsh,
Senior Platform Analyst


Revenue Grid Sale Sequences automate our outreach process and ensures the right messaging is heard by the right audience while providing the data analytics to pinpoint

Jason Pfeiffer,
Vise President at Rand


What’s top of mind for you and your revenue team now?


Activity capture


more relevant data
in Salesforce

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better focus
for your sales team

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greater engagement
per account

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average win rate
in committed deals

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From enterprise giants to SMBs, sales and revenue leaders across the globe transform their revenue engines with us

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Revenue intelligence FAQs

Revenue Intelligence enables sales and revenue teams to identify and eliminate revenue leaks, accelerate sales cycles, and provide better visibility of pipeline performance using contextual real-time guidance and intelligence. It collects your data to get a full picture of what is going on, detects gaps, and signals your team where the leak is and what to do about it.

Revenue intelligence software can have a significant positive impact on sales and revenue by improving conversion rates, productivity, reducing go-to-market costs, and increasing playbook adoption. It detects revenue leaks within the pipeline and provides AI-powered insights that enable sales managers to update sales playbooks and coach reps digitally, resulting in improved team performance at scale. Ultimately, the positive impact on sales and revenue can exceed expectations.

Sales intelligence solves the challenges faced by sales leaders, such as determining the best channel to allocate resources for increased sales, identifying accounts that are likely to churn or renew, finding opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and helping sales reps identify potential customers and close deals faster. By providing accurate data and insights, sales intelligence software helps optimize marketing and sales efforts and drive better decision-making.

Teams choose Revenue Grid as their revenue intelligence software because it helps them fix revenue leakage, improve conversion rates, and enable growth. Revenue Grid’s sales intelligence platform stands out among other options in the market due to its comprehensive features and exceptional performance. It offers a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems and sales tools. Revenue Grid provides excellent customer support, ensuring that you have the assistance you need throughout your journey. The sales acceleration tool is results-driven, with a focus on revenue growth and sales performance improvement. By choosing Revenue Grid, you can benefit from a powerful sales acceleration software that is tailored to your needs and delivers tangible results for your business.

Revenue cycle management software plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of your revenue teams. It provides a comprehensive view of the sales process, allowing you to see the actions taken by your reps in each deal and the outcomes they bring. With revenue intelligence, you can set a unified sales approach across your organization, automate playbooks and best sales practices, and coach your reps based on specific data and the most effective steps. This results in improved productivity, better sales execution, and ultimately, a boost in revenue for your teams.