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Whу Revenue Grid is the top alternative to RingDNA?

Explore Revenue Grid, the only all-in-one Guided Selling software nudging your sales team in the right direction to win deals

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ringdna competitors

Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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What makes Revenue Grid a top alternative to

Automated sequences
  • Create customized rules for sequences
  • Get engagement insights with AI
  • Smart testing of your sequences
  • Bring personal touch to automatic emails
Personalized sales coaching
  • Provide AI-based coaching to your team
  • Use contextual Signals to guide reps within each deal
  • Coach on best practices in communication tactics
  • Analyze how your coaching works and make corrections
Actionable deal guidance
  • Follow deal-focused signals for the next best step
  • Get instant notifications on negative shifts in deals
  • Use communication insights to win deal faster
  • Map out people who can move deal forward

What is RingDNA?

RingDNA is the AI-powered revenue acceleration platform that helps businesses scale their sales and revenues. The company focuses on the improvement of the sales teams’ productivity, growth of sales performance and automation of the existent workflow.

Being made 100% for Salesforce customers, RIngDNA offers a complete solution for sales engagement, playbook execution, performance insights, conversation intelligence, and many other features. RingDNA competitors lack the company’s ability to improve sales experiences for each customer and exceed their expectations.

RingDNA pricing

Upon request.
RingDNA has a free trial.

RingDNA: pros and cons


  • Sales playbooks automation;
  • Conversational intelligent;
  • Good customer service;
  • Super-friendly interface


  • Lack of system’s personalization
  • Faulty data export functionality;
  • Limited reporting function
  • Non-transparent pricing policy

How Revenue Grid empowers sales team

Personalized sales coaching

Revamp your coaching sales model with AI-based signals

  • Use AI-analysis to transform your sales coaching model
  • Set up interactive signals to guide your reps in the right direction
  • Improve your coaching process with conversational intelligence
  • Apply personalized coaching best practices for the entire team

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Personalized sales coaching

Unique account-based selling

Unique account-based selling

Use AI-based signals to develop the personalized account relationships and win more deals

  • Map out the individual selling strategy for each account you manage
  • Implement personalized ABS and scale it for other accounts
  • Test various sequences for specific accounts and fit them to your playbooks
  • Analyze relationships across accounts and improve them on the go

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Actionable deal guidance

Move through the sales cycles faster with interactive AI-based signals

  • Follow interactive signals to move through the deal faster
  • Get specific alerts and signals on the risky deals to get them back on track
  • Track engagements within the deal and use these insights to coach team better
  • Manage the relationships behind the deal to drive it forward faster

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Actionable deal guidance

Remove the guessing game
and help your team win more

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