The first ever
Guided Account Based Selling

Target and win Accounts with the first Guided ABS solution that allows teams to plan and execute
strategy across revenue teams. Nurture, build relationships, and win more key Accounts

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Account-Based Selling that guides
your team to the win

Increasing Win Rate

Map the account, plan the selling

Create an Account-Based plan or playbook to target the Accounts you want to have in your portfolio. Map out the org structure and match the two to have the best chance at winning them over

  • Fit your strategy or playbook to the Account you’re targeting
  • Get other teams on board with your plan
  • Map out the org structure and match your strategy to it

Shorter Sales Cycle

Execute your strategy

Execute your Account strategy to a tee, track how well it performs in real time, and make quick changes on the go. Integrate with other
account-based sales tools like Marketo, Zendesk, or Slack to get more insights

  • Get AI and playbook-based Signals on activity within the Account
  • Track progress in each Account and act fast to gain momentum
  • See what works best and scale sucess to other Accounts
Relationship Intelligence

Manage Account relationships

Developing great relationships with Accounts is the key to winning deals with them. See who your champions are for each Account and don’t drop the ball when it’s crucial

  • Auto-create and update contacts from any channel of communication
  • Determine inactive contacts in Accounts
  • Discover each role’s level of involvement with your team

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