More than 650,000 sales
professionals rely on Revenue Grid






Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Young:

Lack of transparency and predictability was the key impediment to building an applicable revenue strategy for my company. The pipeline and related data were fractured between customer-facing teams, making any analysis or planning an impossible feat. The adoption of Revenue Grid launched the transition to a holistic revenue architecture that brought our company to a new level.

Jeff’s company:
  • Has complete visibility of their pipeline and every revenue-generating process
  • Uniformly implements growth strategies and tactics at every organizational level
  • Detects strengths and weaknesses within the revenue system and reacts accordingly
  • Can predict revenue based on the current pipeline state rather than past periods





Sales Executives

Sales Director

Yu Yang:

Putting sales on a more predictable track was an elephant in the room for us. Revenue Grid gives me confidence that my reps are doing everything necessary throughout the cycle to successfully grow better relationships and more revenue.

Yu’s team:
  • Follows playbooks consistently and builds stronger relationships
  • Wins more deals monthly and has a higher chance of meeting quotas
  • Meets quarterly and annual revenue goals
  • Captures 33% more data to Saleforce

Marques Shawn



Sales Reps

Senior Sales Rep

Marques Shawn:

My days are just too busy, and Revenue Grid has my back in every respect. Whatever I do, I know I have a better shot at closing.

How Marques benefits:
  • Works in Salesforce right from his Inbox
  • Gets more meetings with smart calendaring features
  • Engages better on all channels using automated sequences
  • Gets signals on follow-ups and deals that are going cold
  • Auto-syncs all data from every engagement to Salesforce





Head of RevOps

Simon Sinclair:

Companies like ours are redesigning their approaches to selling, and retooling their customer-facing teams to make growing revenue automated, predictable, and effortless. Revenue Grid has become a vehicle for our transformation, helping us to shift gears and then put our new practices to use in our everyday environment.

Simon’s team:
  • Successfully introduced a homogenous system of revenue operations across the entire enterprise
  • Finally made their Salesforce data complete and automated multiple CRM workflows
  • Improved the adoption of Salesforce in terms of time and scope of utilization
  • Made revenue-generating processes transparent for top management

Peter Shepard



Sales Development

Head of Sales Development

Peter Shepard:

As a sales development team in an enterprise, we reach out to thousands of leads on a monthly basis. Enormous data loss was a painful but inevitable part of our process until we began using Revenue Inbox. Shortly after, we purchased Revenue Engage to overcome slow onboarding and ramping, and bring unified prospecting practices to our team.

The benefits for Peter’s team:
  • 70% of SDRs routines are automated and they have more time for prospecting
  • Onboarding and introducing new workflows is easier and faster now
  • Real-time monitoring enables Peter to intervene quickly and eliminate missteps
  • SDRs set up more meetings every month and pass more prospect-related data
  • The quality of opportunities improved significantly and it became easier to close