How Guided Selling empowers
every member of the revenue team

Yu Yang

Chief Revenue Officer

When it came to the pipeline, it felt like we were playing a game of telephone. I was done with forecasts that weren’t worth the time we were spending on them and constantly waiting on my directors to get back to me about any given question. Now I can finally see how the pipeline in each territory looks at a glance, anytime I need to. And everything is based on data instead of opinions.

With Guided Selling:
  • Yu can update herself on any part of the pipeline in minutes
  • Forecasts are much more reliable
  • Personalized Revenue Signals alert Yu to exceeded thresholds in key metrics

Mary Johnson

Sales Manager

Counting on verbal reports to understand what was going on with deals was a bigger disadvantage than I ever considered. When remote work started, trying to keep tabs on everything and guide my reps simultaneously quickly became overwhelming. Bringing on Revenue Grid changed the game. Suddenly I could see where deals stood and what was getting done, no hassle, and help my reps push towards won without so much time in calls.

With Guided Selling:
  • Mary can quickly see where her team’s deals stand and why
  • Revenue Signals alert her to important developments in her team’s pipeline
  • Reps get automated guidance to save time on coaching

Simon Sinclair

Account Executive

Getting real guidance was pretty difficult before. Our sales manager was too busy for regular coaching and word from other AEs was basically hearsay. I love that Revenue Grid helps you focus on the steps that will make a big difference in each deal. And since you can see examples of other AE’s doing it right, you can really nail it every time.

With Guided Selling:
  • Simon gets automated and personalized coaching to win deals
  • It’s easy to see who to contact and what to do next
  • Examples of how others have succeeded help Simon improve his performance

Irene Moore

Sales Operations

Getting reps to keep Salesforce up to date was always a battle. I couldn’t even blame them—working on deals is top priority. But it blocked us from getting reliable analytics that would ultimately allow us to improve the process. Data auto-capture with Revenue Grid wiped out this problem pretty much overnight. After running a pilot with Revenue Signals, we upgraded to Guided Selling, too. The difference in ramp time for reps was dramatic.

With Guided Selling:
  • Auto-captured data provides a complete understanding of sales activity
  • AI correlates sales activity with outcomes and gives feedback about what’s working
  • Revenue Signals speed up onboarding and training and reps retain more

Jeff Dawson

Chief Revenue Officer

Our organization was pretty old school and it was starting to show. From the top, we had almost no visibility into the details of the revenue-generation process. This big disconnect meant that the strategies that we were developing just weren’t bringing the results we expected. We needed to see what was being done on the front line and, importantly, how it was being done. Getting Revenue Grid was a big step on that path.

With Guided Selling:
  • Jeff can navigate the revenue-generation process from start to end with recent data
  • Revenue Signals allow him and his team to implement strategies directly
  • It’s easy to track the results of new programs and make improvements

Imani Jackson

Revenue Operations

Siloed data and misaligned goals between Sales, Marketing, and CSM had plateaued revenue growth. We needed a much clearer idea of where we were making progress and what was working best, based on unified data. Revenue Grid gave us a holistic view of the funnel and made it possible to align priorities and activity across the revenue team.

With Guided Selling:
  • Unified customer data provides a complete picture of the sales funnel
  • A clear view of sales trends means Imani can help marketing keep the ICP up to date
  • Imani is using Revenue Signals to build a common language among the revenue team

Peter Shepard

Head of Sales Development

Finding out what was driving success for top performers and then scaling it to the rest of the team was my top priority. We needed to be able to get granular about activity and review recordings of any given call or view emails from any deal. Now, we’re consistently improving performance by finding out what’s working best and training the team on how to do it right.

With Guided Selling:
  • Peter sees what reps spend time on and the results they’re getting
  • It’s easy to check the full engagement history for any account or deal
  • Automated reminders help to quickly train reps on new tactics

Greg Burnes

Business Development Representative

Revenue Grid makes it so much easier to seem personal with sequences, which makes all the difference. But it goes further than other engagement tools I’ve used. It even helps you stick to the playbook and pick up techniques that are working right now.

With Guided Selling:
  • It’s easy to set up smart rules that make sequences seem like natural messaging
  • Working on multiple sequences across different channels is streamlined
  • The platform shows Greg which steps to take right when they need to be done
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