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What is Conversation Intelligence software?

Designed for:

  • Sales reps
  • Sales management
  • Sales enablement

Conversational intelligence software uses AI to analyze what has been said in sales calls and demos. It gives sales teams a true understanding of customers’ expectations and problems and provides an actionable way of using that knowledge.

It’s great for accelerating your deals, coaching your reps, and gaining insights into your customers, top performers, and markets.

Actionable Conversation Intelligence

Greater Visibility

Save recordings and transcripts

Automatically save all video and audio GoToMeeting and Zoom call recordings and transcripts to your CRM and link them to the right Accounts and Opportunities with Revenue Grid conversational intelligence platform

  • Capture all customer communication data to Salesforce
  • Access recordings and transcripts and review them easily
  • Use Conversational Intelligence to coach and onboard reps

ai conversational

conversational intelligence

Market Insights

Get insights on topics and trends

Gain a true understanding of what’s going on with your prospects, customers, and the general market: what your customers want and expect, what bothers and what excites them, and where it’s all going.

  • Discover the topics being discussed and analyze keywords
  • Understand trends and what’s going on in the market
  • Make sure your scripts address your customers in their own language

conversation intelligence

Increasing Win Rates

Gain intelligence to close deals faster

Determine whether you can be winning more deals faster with deal intellegence. Analyze what’s being said and how that influences your win rates and deal cycles

  • Discover deals that are at risk and prospects who are about to go cold
  • Save accounts that are about to churn
  • Improve your scripts, demos, and objection handling

Better Coaching

Coach on data and insights

Create interactive Revenue Signals alerts based on the insights from conversation intelligence use them to help your reps win deals faster and with more consistency

  • Analyze what actions, messages, and behaviors bring the best results
  • Coach your reps better and shorten their ramp-up time
  • Eliminate guesswork and help your team act based on data and insights

conversational artificial intelligence

Leave the sales guessing
game behind and help
your team win more

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Conversation intelligence is software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze speech or text in order to derive data-driven insights from conversations between sales agents and customers.

The foundation of this software is to record calls and meetings and use artificial intelligence (AI), convert speech into text, and then do more advanced analysis on the raw test. Thus by default, all products featured in this category include call recording and transcription capabilities. But since email is a key channel for sales conversations, these platforms also analyze email content these days.

Using natural language processing (NLP), these platforms analyze conversations to identify topics discussed, talk patterns, questions asked, customer objections, sentiment, and more.

Conversational intelligence helps record and analyze conversations from both sales and customer calls to help sales reps easily access key information from their conversations, speed up data entry into their CRM, and pass information to other stakeholders on their team.

For executives in both the sales and success/support side, the conversation intelligence platform for sales o provides a way to help coach and train team members after quickly listening into key points of conversations (like how reps answered questions and objections), it helps bridge alignment across the sales and customer success organization and helps with the passing of key insights to other teams (like product and marketing).

Conversational intelligence software is different from your standard call recording software or cloud meeting solutions (like Zoom) because it analyzes conversations for you, takes notes for key topics (using conversational ai and machine learning), and allows you to easily access important moments from the conversations.

Conversational intelligence software helps sales managers by providing them with tools and resources they can use in their daily interactions with customers, prospects, and colleagues. Aside from that, these are some examples of the benefits they can gain from the best conversation intelligence software:

1. Identify the sales team’s strengths and weaknesses

With conversational intelligence software, it becomes easier to gauge each employee’s performance because they can easily identify which ones are excelling at their jobs and which aren’t.

Conversational intelligence software helps sales managers make sense of all this information by providing them with insights into where each member stands in terms of sales performance. It also gives them an understanding of how well their team communicates, which is important because communication is key to maximizing sales performance.

2. Improve the sales presentation process

Sales managers are tasked with improving sales performance. They also must ensure that their team members follow the sales process. In addition, they need to make sure that the sales presentation is convincing and compelling.

With conversational intelligence software like Revenue Grid, you can easily build a personalized experience for each prospect based on their interests and previous interactions with your company or products.
These interactions include how the sales team answers questions, what they say, and how they respond to objections.

3. Increase the winning rate

Conversational Intelligence software helps sales managers with real-time feedback on the effectiveness of their team members’ conversations with customers. From this information, they can determine which actions need to be taken to improve performance and increase win rates.

Conversational Intelligence software works by analyzing recordings of customer interactions and identifying areas where your team members could improve their communication skills. This tool then provides you with a detailed analysis of each call so that you know exactly what needs to be done next.

4. Reduce customer churn

Conversational intelligence lets you know more about your customers’ wants and needs. With AI technology at your side, you can better understand what customers want from your company and how your products can help them get closer to their goals. This insight helps you tailor their experience to align with their expectations.

Conversational intelligence gives you better insights into customer behavior. Conversational intelligence software also allows sales managers to predict customer behavior based on past interactions or use patterns.

This gives you insight into what they need next and helps; you provide customized solutions to keep them engaged with your brand long-term and prevent them from leaving your business altogether. It helps keep employees accountable while providing metrics that show how well they’re doing at their job.