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What Is Sales Revenue?

What is sales revenue, how it’s managed, and what sets it apart from all other revenues?

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Revenue means income a business receives as a result of product sales. This term usually refers to sales during a given period and is one of the key markers of a company’s business achievements. Since it’s money that a company makes for selling a product or service, it reflects the demand for that particular product or service.

States and governments also receive revenue. In this case, the revenue structure includes state duties, taxes, fines, intergovernmental grants, income from the mineral resources ownership, etc. For non-profit organizations, revenue means donations from companies and individuals, financial support from government agencies, membership fees, income from various events related to the organization’s activities, etc.

How to Calculate Revenue?

Let’s focus on revenue as a business term. If you need to get a specific and precise numerical value for the sales revenue a company generates from a product or service, use the following formula:


What Is Total Revenue?

Total revenue means gross income – all of the income a company receives before paying taxes, settlements with suppliers, and other expenses.

What Is Revenue Management?

Revenue management is a technology that lets you determine the best price to ensure high profitability based on forecasting the demand. Simply put, it is selling the right service to the right client, at the right moment, at the right price. Revenue management determines the main vectors and strategies of the sales department.

Specialized tools like Revenue Grid help to come up with better revenue growth strategies based on your expertise and set up a data-driven sales process.

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Who Is a Revenue Manager?

A Revenue Manager is also known as a Revenue Management Specialist, Tariff Planner, or Pricing Manager. This specialist develops revenue strategies and often performs other management functions. If you are interested in a Revenue Manager position, consider a job in tourism & hospitality, restaurant & catering, event management, and the entertainment industry.

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