Keeping sales focus – score more sales

“Just like the phrase you are what you eat, we are a result of our focus.”

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Maintaining sales focus is one of the most critical elements of a high-performing sales team. When you keep your sales reps motivated and head in the right direction, the high chance is that they can hit their targets.

This article will explain sales focus in detail, plus give you some tips to improve it for your sales team.

Sales Focus Meaning

Sales focus means focusing on activities that help reach desired sales goals rather than being distracted by non-sales tasks like marketing and customer support.

High sales focus is the key to increasing sales productivity and performance for any sales team. According to Tommy Reese, President, and CEO of UltraVox Consulting, “a sales-focused company focuses on bottom-line sales it brings to market rather than the customers who buy their products or solution.” And it focuses on two objectives: “meeting sales numbers and increasing market share.”

Tips to Keep Your Sales Focus

Below are some tips you can use to boost your sales focus:

1. Provide Sales-related Information

Information overload can bring a lot of pain points. It “can adversely affect not only personal well-being but also decision making, innovation, and productivity,” notes Harvard Business Review. That’s why if you want to improve your sales focus and productivity, you need to give them relevant data they need to know. Don’t bombard them with irrelevant information that doesn’t support their tasks.

2. Centralize Sales Data in One Place

Having to switch back and forth between tools to pull out information can backfire. Think about the amount of time spent bringing information together and organizing data sets, data silos, and not having a full picture of your sales performance and team activities. These can negatively affect your sales focus and productivity.

To overcome the challenges, many businesses have adopted sales intelligence platforms like Revenue Grid to centralize data into one place and create a single source of truth for information. Everyone can access and update data whenever they want and no longer have to spend time manually juggling multiple sources of information to gain insights from data. Hence, they can be more focused on completing tasks that will give them more control over their success.

3. Create A Streamlined Sales Process

A complicated sales process can make it difficult for your sales reps to follow, reduce their focus, and lengthen sales cycles. At the end of the day, you want your reps to identify the right opportunities and close deals as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend more of your resources to gain a sale than the sale itself is actually worth.

When you simplify your sales process, you can help your reps understand what they need to do their best job. They get the right information faster, quickly identify opportunities, and execute sales activities within the expected time. That also means you can reduce sales costs and win more deals.

Sales Focus FAQs

What is the difference between Sales Focus and Customer Focus

Being sales-focused means concentrating on making sales as best as possible to achieve sales goals. Meanwhile, becoming customer-focused refers to putting customers at the center of everything. Specifically, you try to understand what they want, help them fulfill their needs, and increase customer satisfaction. For example, customer service teams are often customer-focused rather than sales-focused.

How Do You Stay Focused on Sales?

As said earlier, there are several ways to keep your sales team focused. A common practice is to use sales intelligence software to centralize data from multiple sources, automate repetitive tasks, track sales activities, and keep your sales reps updated with any changes in the sales pipeline. You may also want to review your sales process to ensure no roadblocks affecting your team’s productivity exist.

A Sales Tool That Helps Keep Your Sales Focus

Revenue Grid is built with sales organizations in mind. All of its features like Revenue Signals, Pipeline Visibility, and Team Analytics are designed to help your sales reps focus on what moves them towards their goals, work effectively, and sell better.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see how Revenue Grid can help your business.