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5 Key Sales Engagement Lessons for 2020

From new hacks for dodging brush offs to building better client bonds to the power of
intent data, see the ways you can improve every touch to close more deals this year

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Vlad Voskresensky,

CEO, RevenueGrid

Darryll Praill,

CMO, VanillaSoft

Loretta Jones,

CMO, MixMax

You will learn:

  • The #1 communication hack to close more deals
  • The main Do’s and Do-not’s for calls, how to avoid brush offs
  • Killer cold emails: 2020-ready hacks for subject lines, CTAs, attention-grabbers
  • 3 ways sales reps can prospect on social media to build stronger long-term bonds
  • Intent data: New major force in driving revenue?

Set up your team for
success in 2020 with unique insights

Duration – 1 hour