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Reminder to follow up on today’s meeting

Signal description

A Sales Representative receives reminders to follow up with contacts N hours after meetings, ensuring that critical post-meeting communication is not overlooked and enhancing overall opportunity negotiation. Management and Leadership might request to receive such signals for highly important opportunities when they find it necessary.

How organizations use it

According to XYZ Enterprise's sales processes, an SDR should send out a follow-up after a meeting with a prospect. Thus, we configured a reminder not to skip this important step with individual signal trigger time for different roles. Our SDRs have around 3-4 back-to-back meetings per day with outbound leads, so often they cannot send an immediate follow-up. So we set 48 hours as an acceptable period for a meeting follow-up within the SDR team. For BDRs - 24 hours. For Sales Representatives - 3 hours. The signal is paired with the meeting summary signal to provide key notes of the discussed meeting points.

Why organizations use it

  • to ensure and enforce communication practices
  • to prevent revenue leakage caused by insufficient or non-timely communication

Configurable parameters

  • Wait period before the reminder

How the signal looks

In Revenue Grid Action Center:

In your Teams Revenue Grid Channel:

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