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Opportunity is not multi-threaded

 Signal description

The signal informs the Sales Manager and Sales Director about important opportunities in later stages that are not multi-threaded. Single-threaded opportunities indicate that the communication stagnates and that we might not be communicating with all the decision-makers, thus increasing opportunity risk

How organizations use it

With opportunities that are higher than $50,000, multiple people from the buyer's side should be involved: potentially legal, influencers, decision-makers, economic buyers, in some cases engineers. A Sales Manager wants to prevent losing these large opportunities. They will receive the signal when larger opportunities do not have multi-threaded communication. Thanks to this signal, they can correct the behavior and intervene before we lose the opportunity.

Why Organizations use it

  • to prevent revenue leakage on the single-threaded opportunities in later stages
  • to enforce sales playbook practices

Configurable parameters

  • Filter opportunities to which this signal applies
  • Stage at which this signal is triggered

How the signal looks

In Revenue Grid Action Center:

In your Teams Revenue Grid Channel:

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