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Decision-Maker is not assigned

 Signal description

This signal notifies about a missing decision-maker in the deal, encouraging engagement with a crucial stakeholder and allowing oversight over important deals to make the win happen.

How organizations use it

According to our playbook, decision-makers should be defined in opportunities with the stage above "Qualification". So when an opportunity with stage "Evaluation" does not have a decision maker filled out in Salesforce, the signal will be sent to the Opportunity owner. If the decision maker is not defined for more than 10 days, the signal will be escalated to the manager.

Why organizations use it

  • to guide sales representatives to adhere to a playbook
  • to prevent revenue leakage due to the absence of decision-maker in communication

Configurable parameters

  • Filter opportunities to which this signal applies

How the signal looks

In Revenue Grid Action Center:

In your Teams Revenue Grid Channel:

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