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AI Generated Customer Request

 Signal description

Based on communication with the client, this signal automatically summarizes the client's requests to ensure they aren't overlooked. It is particularly useful when the client requests a discount or seeks to share additional information about the requirement.

How organizations use it

A potential client expresses interest, asking for a discount, a detailed demo, or assistance with integration. This signal instantly turns these requests into tasks: it prompts you to create a custom pricing proposal, schedule a demo, and coordinate with your technical team. This saves time, keeps you organized, and boosts your sales efficiency, all while improving the customer experience.

Why organizations use it

  • to make sure all customer requests are taken into action
  • to have immediate understanding of customer requests without the need to to into communication details

Configurable parameters

  • Filter opportunities to which this signal applies

How the signal looks

In Revenue Grid Action Center:

In your Teams Revenue Grid Channel:

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