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AI Generated Action Item

Signal description

Based on communication with the client, the signal identifies commitments and converts them into action items for automated task management

How organizations use it

As a Sales Manager, you rely on our AI-powered assistant for streamlined efficiency. Recently, after a client meeting, you received a timely reminder from the system to schedule the next meeting, ensuring your engagement remains on track. The signal also created a task for you to send crucial documents related to your proposal. Then, it nudged you to follow up on specific client queries you discussed during the meeting. With these automated reminders, you can confidently stay on top of your client interactions, provide swift responses, and maintain the high level of service your clients expect

Why organizations use it

  • to ensure that the sales team members easily complete all necessary steps to help close the opportunity
  • to avoid lost opportunities because of slow process or inaccuracies

Configurable parameters

  • Filter opportunities to which this signal applies

How the signal looks

In Revenue Grid Action Center:

In your Teams Revenue Grid Channel:

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