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Revenue Grid: The top sales engagement solution for Salesforce users

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G2 Leader 2020 spring

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Revenue Grid – the best RingDNA alternative

Get 10x engagement with the same sales team

with the best intelligent automated nurturing tool for Salesforce.

What is RingDNA?

RingDNA (Sales Engagement for Salesforce #1 Inside Sales Acceleration Platform) is an inclusive inside sales acceleration engine that helps your business scale revenue growth with the help of AI.

Being made 100% for Salesforce customers, it offers a complete solution for sales engagement, sales playbook execution, performance insight, conversation intelligence, and many more useful options.

While many other existing solutions take weeks to get teams up and running, RingDNA enables them to onboard new reps literally in minutes.

RingDNA pricing:

Upon request.

RingDNA has a free trial.


  • Optimizes sales management;
  • Increases conversions;
  • Makes marketing campaigns more focused;
  • Has a super-friendly interface and easy learning.


  • Cannot be used from cell phones;
  • No phone number checker;
  • Limited reports on any subscription;
  • Call forwarding delays;
  • App freezes and crashes.

RingDNA alternatives:

Revenue Grid is an AI Guided Selling platform that helps sales teams take control of their sales process and push deals to “closed/won” faster and with fewer missteps. Revenue Grid helps sales teams sell more by providing: Guided selling, Pipeline Visibility, Relationship, and Conversational Intelligence, Sales coaching, Automated sequences, and CRM and email integration.

The offer includes three solutions: Revenue Engage (Sales Sequences), Revenue Inbox (CRM and Email integration), and Revenue Guide (Pipeline Analytics and Guided Selling).

RingCentral: multifunctional VoIP telephone system. Users can not only make and receive calls, but also use features such as call forwarding, callback and Web conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging.

Talkdesk: an in-browser contact center that helps businesses strengthen customer relationships by streamlining phone processes. The main features of the app include: Caller ID, built-in integration with your business tools, call monitoring, real-time reporting and customer history, and automated tasks.