Actionable sales analytics to close deals faster

Transform the way you drive revenue using Guided Selling
that works natively with Salesforce

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Shape Revenue Signals
to your playbooks and best practices

Align your revenue generating teams around a unified selling approach.
Implement tactics, follow plays, increase closed won ratio

Consistent sales approach

Implement best practices and playbooks across your team to make your sales process consistent
  • Set up Revenue Signals with actions for your team to take
  • Make following playbooks easy with automated reminders
  • Ensure consistent and complete data in your Salesforce

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Guided Selling

Align everyone on your team around one
goal of moving deals toward a win
  • Lead your team to revenue with a unified approach
  • Empower everyone on your team to be proactive
  • Help reps sell in a consistent way and avoid missteps

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Pipeline visibility

Obtain complete visibility into your pipeline,
process, team and customers
  • Understand what happens at each front of revenue generation
  • Trust in your pipeline and know risks, progress and next steps
  • Leverage stronger customer relationships

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Win deals, grow accounts, maximize revenue

Help your team focus on winnable deals and close fast. Know what sales plays work best
and scale. Drive predictable and repeatable revenue

  • 35%

    improved velocity

  • 21%

    faster to a won deal

  • x3

    faster sales process

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Sales Enablement Report by Aragon Research


Sales Enablement Report
by Aragon Research

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