Revenue Grid: the best GMass alternative

Check out a one-on-one comparison between Revenue Grid and Gmass. Learn why Revenue Grid is #1 Gmass alternative and get much more than a mass email service

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How is Revenue Grid a better Gmass alternative?

Best-in-class email scheduling
  • Schedule meetings easily with Calendar slots
  • Share your availability with a link
  • Get automatic sync between Salesforce & Gmail
  • Avoid double booking with Lightning Scheduler
Outreach automation
  • Reach prospects through any channel
  • Set conditions for automatic sequences
  • Track email sequences in real time
  • Personalize your emails with Salesforce templates
Outreach management
  • Detect replies and stop sequence accordingly
  • Delegate lead nurturing campaigns
  • Use AI to manage outreach activities
  • Analyze performance KPIs per sequence

What is Gmass?

Gmass is a mass email service allowing to send email marketing and email automation campaigns from right inside your Gmail account. This plugin is integrated with Google Sheets and makes it easy to personalize your emails using any information in the spreadsheets.

The key features of Gmass extension are: mail merge with Google sheets; mass emails based on search results from Gmail messages; campaign level reporting and analytics inside your inbox plus automatic follow-up emails and emails scheduling.

According to Gmass reviews its clients find the application user friendly and perfect for processing multiple emails during marketing campaign. It takes them nearly no time to learn how to use Gmass. In many cases customers choose Gmass when they do not need the comprehensive CRM, but still require a tool to manage communications within their contact lists.

Gmass pricing

Pricing starts at $12.95 per month/per user.
Gmass does not offer a free trial.

Gmass: pros and cons


  • Simple to use, very friendly interface
  • Gmail integration
  • Google Sheets integration
  • Campaign level reports
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Distribution of large email campaigns


  • Scheduled follow-ups can’t be stopped
  • Only 8 follow-ups are available
  • No free trial
  • No possibility to achieve or delete campaigns
  • Impossible to customize templates
  • Only used in web browser

Revenue Grid goes far beyond your Gmail Inbox

Best-in-class scheduling

Schedule meeting in seconds and never miss an important slot with Calendar sync

  • Capture entire email threads, save and sync historical data
  • Give access to your calendar and delegate meetings scheduling
  • Show the real-time availability from your Salesforce and Gmail/Outlook calendars in Lightning Scheduler
  • Save emails to specific Salesforce objects in one click

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Outreach automation

Bring personal touch to your email sequences and make them work effectively

  • Contact your prospects through email, social, sms, and calls
  • Set rules for automatic rescheduling of sequence’s steps
  • Track sequences in real-time and react immediately to get the best result
  • Bring personal touch to your email sequences with customization

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Outreach management

Streamline your outreach with AI for effective sequences management

  • Set rules for campaign management multiple contacts in one account
  • Nurture separate accounts with multiple contacts
  • Get Salesforce-native reporting on opens, replies, demos scheduled
  • See email sentiment ranking, from “Very Positive” to “Very Negative”

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