Automate and manage
sequences with applied intelligence

Use applied intelligence to manage your sequences automatically and make
sure your outreach runs smoothly

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Automated campaign management

Automate managing your sequences and stay confident that you
won’t send something unnecessary
  • Set rules to stop a sequence, skip a step, mute or switch automatically
  • Create a rule when email should be sent on behalf of others automatically
  • Have sequences stop immediately when your prospect changes ownership in Salesforce



Smart reply detection

Let Revenue Engage detect replies immediately and stop
the sequences accordingly
  • Detection of replies from a single or one of the multiple recepients
  • Detection of out of office notifications
  • Handling of opt-outs and bounces

Intelligent account nurturing

Automate and use smart rules to handle multiple contacts from the same company in your sequences
  • Group multiple recipients from the same domain into one email
  • Stop a sequence for all recipients if one of them replied
  • Stop a sequence if one of the recipients was mentioned in an email or meeting invite



Advanced analytics

Know exactly where you are standing on each sequence
and what you can do to improve engagement
  • View all interactions per a prospect in a single timeline
  • Analyze open, reply, success rates and more
  • Dig into performance KPIs per sequence and per a step
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