What makes Revenue Grid the best Clari alternative?

Learn why Revenue Grid is the number one guided selling solution
bringing visibility, control, and guidance to human sales

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Why Revenue Grid is the top Clari alternative

Risk-based sales forecasting
  • Predict revenue with ease
  • Control and mitigate forecast risks
  • Get notified about any forecast changes
  • Make future predictions based on past trends
Contextual Revenue Signals
  • Automate your sales playbooks
  • Build Signals on all business-related data
  • Send alerts for the next best action on each deal
  • Set a unified sales approach for the entire organization
Conversational intelligence
  • Link all voice and audio recordings to your CRM
  • Use AI to analyze records and gain deal insignts
  • Coach your sales reps based on your gained insights
  • Shorten your sales cycles

What is Clari?

Clari.com is a predictive sales analytics platform that enhances the effectiveness of sales representatives. It helps them close more deals and reach their goals by allowing them to make full use of historical data to generate precise forecasts.

The platform’s key differentiator is its forecasting robust data science engine, which collects data from a variety of sources and creates forecasts from that data. Clari helps businesses to understand where they are today and what they need to do to improve performance and achieve their business goals tomorrow.

Clari pricing

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Clari: pros and cons


  • Flawless integration with popular CRMs
  • AI-empowered predictive sales tools
  • Great analytics functionality


  • Lack of a native CRM
  • Faulty data export functionality
  • Non-transparent price policy

Searching for Clari’s alternative, choose the platforms that allow you to connect to different CRMs instead of just one, which means you can still use it when migrating between CRMs. The other important issues are the intuitive interface and the stable connection of the platform. As a result, your team could easily use the product from day one without any glitchy integration with Outlook that some program interfaces cause.

Revenue Grid is the first fully-dedicated AI guided
selling platform

Risk-based sales forecasting

Assess risk variables in your predictions and control their impact on revenues in real time

  • Control the impact of your sales forecast on revenue
  • Understand the risks impacting your predictions and mitigate them
  • Receive notifications about forecast threats in real time
  • Use trends from past and current predictions to coach your team

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Contextual revenue signals

Place the contextual alerts at the heart of your sales process and guide your team

  • Get alerts on deals at risk and the best next steps to take
  • Guide your sales team in the right direction at each step of the deal
  • Build unique Signals on the basis of data from all systems and tools you use
  • Help your team follow your playbooks and processes

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Conversational intelligence

Win deals faster using insights from all communication channels

  • Save all video and audio call recordings to Salesforce
  • Analyze calls to get insights on market and customer experience trends
  • Improve sales scripts using AI-driven insights from captured calls
  • Build contextual Signals on complete data and coach your sales team more effectively

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