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Introducing Revenue Garage

Real knowledge from real experts, without the fluff

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It’s almost shocking that an event with so many cascading effects can be captured in a phrase as simple as “sales has pivoted online nearly overnight”.

This sudden evolution was the last straw for us here at Revenue Grid. We’re launching a new sales education hub: Revenue Garage. It had to be done.

At Revenue Grid, we’re researching and learning every day, looking for sales truth to guide us and to share with others. Unfortunately, while the popularity of content marketing has provided an incentive for many people to share their knowledge, it has also muddied the waters.

Here’s the short list of things that we’ve gotten tired of:

  • The sea of “thought pieces” from people without the achievements to back them up
  • The same old ideas recycled with a catchier title
  • “Insights” with an objective (we already get scroll-fright near the bottom of an article)
  • Hearing one perspective presented as if there is no counter-point

Revenue Garage is what we’ve decided to do about it.

Now more than ever we need reliable, unbiased thought leadership.

Our main goals are pretty simple. We want to provide a platform for experienced thought leaders to share their expertise without that knowledge being bent toward a sale. And we want to contribute to a community of knowledge-sharing in sales so that we can all learn to navigate this new world. 

As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

We’ll be releasing regular podcasts and webinars in addition to building up a library of experts’ answers to common problems and hot topics. If you’re ready for objectivity and credible thought leadership, join us and spread the word. The more the merrier!

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