It’s getting harder to break
through to the customer


of leads ignore outreach


of customers make a decision without a rep


of time lost on admin tasks

Sales engagement is becoming
#1 spending priority

Sales engagement software is designed to help teams engage prospects,
improve team productivity and close more deals.

  • Improve quality of your outreach
  • Create timely follow-ups at scale
  • Optimize your prospecting process
  • Better manage conversion efforts


RevenueGrid reliably scales communication and maximizes the effectiveness of every customer interaction





  • Smart nurturing at
    scale with Sales Sequences

Every multichannel customer touchpoint is personal, timely and just brilliant.

  • Complete data-auto
    capture (based on logo-RG-small)

AI-based data capture between your CRM, RevenueGrid and your email inbox.

  • Close deals with every
    engagement – Revenue Signals

Realize the most effective and best performing actions with Revenue Signals.

Drive efficiency at all stages of the sales cycle and
close more deals in less time

Follow your playbooks

no matter how sophisticated they get. Visualize individual sales activity and follow opportunity heatmaps

It’s more than just AI

our revenue intelligence takes into account what works for you

Stay on top of daily tasks

with a mix of machine learned and your own specified
rule-based alerts

Automate the routine

with automatic lead nurturing, follow ups, meeting scheduling and invites