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Clari competitors and alternatives

Best Clari alternative. Revenue Grid

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clari competitors

What is Clari? is a predictive sales analytics platform made to empower the effectiveness of sales representatives, to help them close more deals and achieve goals by allowing them to make full use of historical data to generate precise forecasts.

Clari forecasting robust data science engine collects data from all possible sources (including CRMs, emails, critical sales systems, calendars, social media channels, news), and then creates forecasts. Simply put, Clari helps businesses to where they are today and what they need to do to improve performance and achieve business goals tomorrow.

Clari pricing:

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Clari offers a free trial.


  • Flawless integration with popular CRMs (Salesforce, in particular);
  • AI-empowered predictive sales tools that help sales teams reach the targets;
  • Great analytics functionalities.


  • Lack of a native CRM;
  • Faulty data export functionality;
  • Non-transparent price policy.

Clari competitors:

Most prominent Clari competitors include:

  • Revenue Grid is a Salesforce-native, Guided Selling platform that helps sales teams reach a point of repeatable revenue. With the great possibilities of precise analyzing, executing, and developing a lead growth strategy, the platform guides you through the full sales cycle from getting the very first touch to closing and upselling.

Revenue Grid, best-in-class data capturing engine, integrates with all communication channels, logs every activity into your CRM, and provides a complete snapshot of every customer to help provide sales teams with greater opportunity for sales and renewals. 

  • Prophix offers a multi-user end-to-end solution for enterprise performance management (CPM), financial planning, budgeting, plan-fact, and what-if analysis, management reporting, consolidation, etc.

The system is primarily intended for specialists in the field of enterprise finance, is easy to use, and does not require programming skills.

Prophix features a personalized security system, electronic document management system, automation of various processes, establishing work schedules, and workflow management.

  • is a service that, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, helps to predict sales efficiency, analyzes the work of sales managers, and gives them recommendations for improving efficiency.

The platform checks emails, phone calls, and calendar entries to show how much time the best salespeople are spending at each stage of the deal and where they can deviate from the norm.