What Is Inside Sales?

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Inside sales are a type of sales management handled remotely, without leaving the office. Communication with clients is via phone or the internet.

The task of inside sales also includes the generation of repeat sales, client reminders to make a regular purchase, presentation of new relevant offers, etc.

Lately, inside sales have become the dominant model in both B2B and B2C. Unlike telemarketing, inside sales are better targeted. In addition to high-touch transactions, the salesmen are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Inside sales encompass presentations, demos, and covering all the duties outside teams traditionally carry out in the field, only online.

Inside sales as a process often have duties divided between several people – like a Campaign Manager, a Lead Generator, and a Sales Manager.

Outside Sales vs Inside Sales

On the one hand, the difference between outside and inside sales seems pretty evident. On the other hand, the line between those two terms has started to blur lately.

Nowadays, even on-premise salesmen handle some parts of their business tasks remotely, utilizing the same tools and solutions. Besides, with the recent switch to online mode, the difference has become even less distinctive.

Outside sales, also known as field sales, focus on in-person communication. Inside sales can involve the same level of communication, but online – with messaging and video calls.

As for the advantages of inside sales compared to outside sales, there are several primary points:

  • cost-efficiency;
  • predictable revenue rates;
  • enables better collaboration;
  • mostly preferred by customers;
  • allow for increased team productivity;
  • greater scalability.

Inside Sales Solutions

Tools like Revenue Grid help to increase the efficiency of inside sales. Gathering and analyzing the sales data helps to improve a company’s sales strategy. Using AI solutions for this increases the chances to gain better control of the process and gain visibility.

Inside sales solutions include both niche software and related tools that enable remote working processes. And since remote work has become a necessity and a trend, these sales practices are expected to become more digitized as well.

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