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How Rev Ops leaders use data to execute sales strategy

Together with Pavilion, we’ve interviewed Rev Ops leaders to explore the top challenges in executing a data-oriented sales strategy

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Top challenges Rev Ops leaders face


Playbooks are often static, general, and mostly outdated


Manual collection and analysis of data is time-consuming and ineffective


It is hard to centralize data coming from a variety of sources


Optimizing playbooks using data-driven insights is not easy

5 Rev Ops’ honest take on tackling data and sales execution challenges

  • How to help your reps to stop relying on guesswork
  • How to offer a proactive and data-driven guidance to sales reps
  • How to connect your data sources to a centralized location
  • How to automate data evaluation and playbook adjustments
  • How to improve the ROI of your sales playbooks and coaching


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