How to drive innovation in sales organizations
by integrating people, processes, and sales technology

In a world where industries are constantly challenged by change, not using data in your sales strategy will lead
you down a dead-end street. Listen in as sales experts from leading companies share their
approaches to effectively aligning data with sales strategies and processes.

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Neil Ringers

Revenue Grid


Carole Mahoney

Unbound Growth


Toby Carrington



Doug Wyatt


What you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • integration_instructions

    Sales cycle integration

    Why is it crucial to integrate people, processes, and technology?

  • people_alt

    Key influencers in the sales process

    How do you discover, focus on, and align your stakeholders in the sales process?

  • settings

    How to identify technology adoption processes

    What are the key processes that accelerate sales technology adoption?

  • playlist_add_check

    Sales cycle audits

    Why and how often should you audit processes, people, and sales technology?

Get a holistic view of your sales organization and drive innovation

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