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Revenue Grid announced
Top Sales Tool of 2020

Smart Selling Tools has released the annual Top Salestech Guide, naming
Revenue Grid the best in Sales Engagement and automated outreach

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Salestech is the key to fast
recovery for sales organizations

Sales Engagement Platforms have become a must-have in 2020. They enable revenue-generating teams to increase
performance and overcome the long-term impact of the lockdown

  • Manage multichannel outreach with ease
  • Build, test, and share great automated sequences
  • Improve your engagement with prospects
  • Use email templates, call scripts, and SMS in one place
  • Help your reps meet their quotas
  • Reduce the impact of human error on your sales process

Top Salestech 2020 Award in detail

  • Nancy Nardin
  • Nancy Nardin

    is a sales-technology expert with over 30 years of experience in Sales Engagement, Account-based selling, Sales Enablement, Sales Intelligence, and more

  • Smart Selling Tools 2020
  • Smart Selling Tools

    provides in-depth and unbiased reports on sales software. Their annual guides highlight advanced technology that sales teams should add to their stacks

  • logo-rg-alternative
  • Revenue Grid

    has earned Top Sales Tool for Sales Engagement in this year’s Top Salestech Guide


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