We All Want Shorter Deal Cycles. Learn How Emerald Scientific Did It.

We have rebranded to bring our product family together

Our product line has grown, and with it, the scope of
possibilities for your growth.

What’s different?

See what’s changed, what remains the same, and how it
impacts you and your daily work

Better visibility into your pipeline like never before

Easily spot and track changes and gaps in your pipeline. Gain real-time visibility on the actual state of deals in your pipeline and what to do to turn them green

  • See through your pipeline health in seconds
  • Spot changes in your pipeline and the reasons driving them
  • Quickly identify and act on deals stalling or at risk

Introducing Signals that guide your team to more closed wons

Level up your sales team with actionable Signals that alert them about any changes in your deals, pipeline, or customer communication, and guides them on the next best step to take to save the day

  • Build your own Signals at any stage of the sales process
  • Get instant alerts on deals at risk before they go south
  • Easily visualize your deal and rep activities

More actionable insights with AI and Guided Selling

Use AI and Guided Selling to gain timely insights on every reps’ performance and activities across the revenue cycle, all in a matter of seconds

  • Easily spot top performers in your team
  • Automatically collect and crunch all sales data
  • Identify activities that increase and decrease close rates

See why sales teams love us

  • 37%

    improved velocity
  • 33%

    higher closed won ratio
  • 24%

    faster to a closed won

The only all-in-one platform to help you drive more
revenue from start to finish

From getting the first touch to nurturing to closing and upselling,
stay focused throughout the full sales cycle and go for it

Close more deals with
less effort

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