How Slalom rebuilt their sales model during Covid lockdown

  • 6,000
    new contacts auto-created per month
  • 100,000
    meetings auto-captured per quarter
  • 952,000
    records auto-created and updated per quarter

We needed to transform our sales strategy during Covid lockdown and to find new market potential. Thanks to Revenue Grid, we achieved record-setting sales during this period.

Darren Knapp, Director, Global Operations at Slalom Consulting


Slalom is a business and technology consulting firm building personal connections on a global scale.

Slalom and Revenue Grid started their long-term partnership several years ago, when Slalom’s sales team noticed they were losing productivity due to inaccurate data capture and analytics.

Later, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, Slalom like many other businesses had to adapt a new situation and find a way to come out of the crisis as a winner.

  • Finding new customers

    The lockdown of early 2020 brought market uncertainty. To meet this challenge, Slalom needed a technological solution that would enable them to analyze white-spaces within their sales process and find new opportunities in the existing pipeline. They also needed to capture new contacts automatically and ensure Salesforce data was complete and accurate.

  • Analyzing relationships between clients and consultants

    Unprecedented market conditions called for unprecedented measures. Slalom’s sales leaders decided to reinvent their sales model and to focus on stronger customer relationships. They needed help understanding the relationships behind the pipeline and using that insight to build better communication and rapport with customers.

’We were looking for new opportunities within the existent sales pipeline during Covid lockdown and Revenue Grid helped us find them.

’I was impressed by the team’s knowledge of Salesforce, their responsiveness and ability to tackle any crazy request we had.


During the lockdown, Revenue Grid helped Slalom rebuild their sales model as fast as possible. Software transformed Slalom’s sales process in several important ways, helping the company get things back on track and experience 16-fold growth of their Salesforce contact database.

  • Auto-creating new contacts and accounts

    Revenue Grid applied a three-stage process for contact auto-creation. At the first stage, Revenue Grid automatically detected unsaved contacts in the Calendars and Inboxes of Slalom’s consultants and auto-assigned them to existing Accounts, avoiding duplicates in process.

    Once that was done, Revenue Grid used contacts’ secondary domain custom field to link the contact to the right Accounts.

    At the third stage, Revenue Grid automatically created new Accounts and enriched them with data from external sources.

  • Differentiating consultants from customers

    Slalom was using a specific system: each consultant had a corporate email with Slalom, but when they began working with a new client, they created a new email with the client’s domain. This made it difficult to differentiate consultants from business leads and contacts.

    With Revenue Grid, Slalom was able to create and save new contacts correctly, automatically recognizing and sorting out their consultants with 95% accuracy.

    Revenue Grid helped Slalom build Signals that auto-assigned the contacts to the correct Accounts, avoiding duplicates and bringing accuracy to their Salesforce contact database.


Shifting focus from deals to relationships

Revenue Grid helped Slalom to renew their sales model during the Covid pandemic by placing customer relationships in the center of their sales matrix. Slalom is now considering moving to an on-premise model and developing new Signals to identify opportunities at risk and create actionable insights for more agility of their sales process.

  • 4x increase

    in the number of new contacts auto-created per month
  • 16x increase

    in the number of meetings auto-captured per quarter
  • 952,000

    new Salesforce records created per quarter

Revenue Grid helped Slalom to revive their sales in a time of crisis and achieve growth

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