Whу Revenue Grid is the best SalesLoft alternative?

Welcome to Revenue Grid, the progressive Artificial Intelligence Guided
Selling solution covering the full sales cycle and guiding sales team in the
right direction to win more deals

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Learn why Revenue Grid outruns SalesLoft

Authentic multichannel outreach
  • Combine various outreach channels
  • Coordinate multiple contacts
  • Customize your sequences
  • Use AI to guide your reps in each sequence
Unique sales coaching
  • Provide personalized coaching to teammates
  • Apply interactive Signals to provide deal guidance
  • Use best communication tactics for coaching
  • Improve coaching procedures on the go
Contextual revenue alerts
  • Control playbooks implementation
  • Get alerts on deals at risk
  • Use Signals to align your sales team
  • Connect your tools with actionable Signals

What is SalesLoft?

SalesLoft is designed to help businesses engage their audience in more relevant, genuine, and straight ways by activating strategic focus.

This Sales Acceleration & Customer Engagement Platform simplifies setting and executing on a cadence of interactions. This helps to convert maximum target accounts into customer accounts, expand existing relationships, and offer a prominent customer experience.

Some of the platform’s benefits include automation of repeatable processes and standardizing processes across the organization, ensuring messaging alignment and resonance with the help of better templating controls and deep personalization, real-time activity tracking, enhanced coaching/onboarding through conversational intelligence and call recording, flawless integrations.

SalesLoft pricing

Salesloft pricing has four packages: prospect, sell, engage and enterprise
Price is available after quote’s placement

SalesLoft: pros and cons


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface;
  • Excellent email tracking and auto-logging of emails;
  • Notifications on email opens;
  • Great tracking features;
  • Decent email sequences


  • Dial-by-name directories and extensions mess up;
  • Limited LinkedIn integration,
  • No HubSpot integration;
  • Messy text formatting;
  • Importing contacts and linking them into CRM doesn’t work

Revenue Grid is much more than sales engagement

Unique sales coaching

Map out the new coaching approach with AI-based alerts

  • Revamp your coaching approach with artificial intelligence
  • Apply actionalble Signals to guide your sales reps in right direction
  • Use conversational intelligence to transform coaching model
  • Help your team to follow best coaching practices

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Real-time forecasting

Transform your sales forecasting approach and get control over your revenue

  • Simplify the sales prediction process and control the future sales
  • Control the forecast risks on the go and make the right corrections
  • Get specific alerts concerning any changes across the sales cycle
  • See the changes between current and future trends and make corrections

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Contextual revenue alerts

Use revenue Signals as the perfect instrument for moving deals in the right direction

  • Prioritize sales actions within your playbooks
  • Control important sales metrics and get notified on unexpected changes
  • Improve team agility and coordinate their efforts with Signals
  • Set up the right notifications within each system your team uses

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