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Revenue Grid – the best Salesloft alternative

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 Salesloft competitors

What is SalesLoft?

SalesLoft is designed to help businesses engage their audience in more relevant, genuine, and straight ways by activating strategic focus.

This Sales Acceleration & Customer Engagement Platform simplifies setting and executing on a cadence of interactions. This helps to convert maximum target accounts into customer accounts, expand existing relationships, and offer a prominent customer experience.

Some of the platform’s benefits include automation of repeatable processes and standardizing processes across the organization, ensuring messaging alignment and resonance with the help of better templating controls and deep personalization, real-time activity tracking, enhanced coaching/onboarding through conversational intelligence and call recording, flawless integrations.

The SalesLoft Chrome Extension, aka the Connect Extension, is a plug-in that extends your sales engagement beyond the SalesLoft platform. The extension brings SalesLoft’s features into your Google Chrome Browser, Gmail, and Salesforce to improve your sales process.

SalesLoft pricing:

Salesloft pricing varies from $75 for the group edition

SalesLoft Pros:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface;
  • Excellent email tracking and auto-logging of emails;
  • Notifications upon email open;
  • Great tracking features;
  • Decent email sequences, calls work reliably.

SalesLoft Cons:

  • Dial-by-name directories and extensions mess up sometimes;
  •  Integration flaws (limited LinkedIn integration, no HubSpot integration);
  • Messy text formatting;
  • Importing contacts and linking them into CRM is a pain in the neck.

SalesLoft alternatives:

  • Revenue Grid is a progressive Artificial Intelligence Guided Selling solution that provides sales teams with gradual guidance towards measures that help achieve the supreme results, highlights deals at risk, and helps to prioritize tactics with the highest impact.

The platform covers the full sales cycle, starting from receiving the initial touch to closing deals and upselling by providing Guided selling, Pipeline Visibility, Relationship & Conversational Intelligence, Sales coaching, Automated sequences, CRM and email integration.

  • InsideView’s targeting intelligence platform helps to identify the top targets, obtain relevant insights just in time, and understand exactly who the customers are and what they actually need. It delivers consistent, real-time access to various data, insights, and connections that unite siloed systems and adjust customer engagement around a single, distinct, and consistent view of the customer.
  • LeadLander is essentially an IP reverse look-up instrument for distinguishing between corporate visitors and “home/ISP” users.

It has somewhat comparable functionality as web analytics tools like Google Analytics or WebTrends, but in fact, it is designed for a different user base. While web analytics products typically provide metrics (such as bounce rates, unique visitors, length/depth of stay) to help optimize website content, LeadLander is created for sales teams to help them identify leads hitting the site.