Sales Dashboards: see where all your
deals are and act fast

Strike that sweet spot between tracking too few metrics and trying to track them all

New in Revenue Inbox: Salesforce Sales Management Dashboards

  • Team Analytics
  • Deal Insights
  • 100% customizable Salesforce Dashboards and reports

sales dashboards

salesforce dashboards

Team Activity Reports

No more wondering about who is the most
pro-active sales rep
  • Inbound and Outbound Emails
  • Tasks
  • Calendar events
  • Custom filters
  • Inbound emails per team member

Engagement Reports

Instantly view how well your team is engaging with
important deals
  • Opportunities that need a reply
  • Recently active opportunities inbound / outbound
  • Per every rep



Stalled opportunities

Make sure to never drop the ball and act fast on
deals that matter most:
  • Opportunities with no planned activities
  • Old opportunities with no recent activities
  • Opportunities soon to be closed with no recent activities
  • Customized time ranges and activity types

What are sales dashboards?

The definition of a sales dashboard is a visual representation of your sales data. Sales management dashboards usually include Salesforce sales reports, conversion/win rate, average deal size, revenue, etc. A sales management dashboard allows sales managers to monitor the performance of their sales teams with the help of accurate metrics. What is more, sales dashboards can help sales reps analyze their progress and see what else they should do to meet their quota.

There are several types of sales dashboards: sales representative dashboards, sales manager dashboards, deal performance dashboards, and more.

Revenue Grid’s Sales Dashboards allow you to instantly view how well your team is engaging with important deals or opportunities that need a fast reply, and make sure you act right on opportunities with no planned activities or old opportunities with no recent activities.

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