Schedule meetings by email

Use our best-in-class Calendars Sync to always stay in the loop, schedule
meetings in seconds, and close hot leads faster

Schedule any meeting in seconds with Time Slots

Schedule meetings easily.
No more constant back-and-forth, no more re-scheduling. Choose multiple slots in your calendar and insert clickable time slots in your email for your leads and prospects to choose from. Or easier still, simply share your full availability as a link, and let your leads choose the time that works best for them on their own.

Give access to your calendar in a click

Let hot leads instantly book a meeting with you by putting a personal online booking link into email body. Give them
access to your calendar and let them choose the most convenient time for them.

Calendar sync that actually works

With our best-in-class Calendar sync, all your business-related events are automatically synced between Salesforce and Outlook / Gmail. Change one and all the others will match. Your private events won’t get into Salesforce.

Synchronize your Salesforce &
Outlook / Gmail recurring events effortlessly

Escape endless tapping between Salesforce and Outlook or Gmail Calendars for reccuring meetings and events. Revenue Inbox helps you align all of your data with a seamless desktop-to-mobile native experience. You will never miss a beat.

Unify Group Calendars view across your organization

Fully align your Calendar groups from Outlook or Gmail with Salesforce. Revenue Inbox allows you to get a complete view of all group members and schedule meeting across your team easily.

calendar events

Similarly to emails, you can manually save desired
calendar events to selected Salesforce records.