Consistent sales approach

Put success on repeat implementing your best practices across the whole team

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Your sales blueprints

Implement a smart, consistent way to sell and
automate your selling process according to your
blueprints and methodologies.

Set up contextual Revenue Signals with actions that
your team needs to take to win deals, grow accounts
and maximize revenue



Following playbooks

Introduce playbooks to lower the effect of complexity
of your sales process or products you are selling.

Make following them easy by setting automated
triggers and reminders for each step or play

Complete Salesforce data

Automatically get all sales-related data to Salesforce:
create leads, save emails, replies, and threads, update
contacts, relate emails to accounts and more.

Free more time for your reps and ensure consistency and
accuracy of data in your CRM


Linking other apps

Link all apps your extended teams use into one system. For example, share
crucial Salesforce record updates through a messenger automatically