Mastermind your email sequences

Send automated sequences that feel personal and help
you engage your prospects every time

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Multiple channels and steps

Reach out and connect to your prospects
through any medium
  • Mix emails, sms, social media, and calls
  • Create one step or multiple step email sequences 
  • Choose full-auto or semi-automatic steps



Smart schedules and previews

Land every step at the right moment using smart
schedules and make sure your emails look and read great
  • Set stop dates and exclude holidays and weekends
  • Set conditions for automatic rescheduling of steps
  • Preview and send test email sequences 

Real-time email sequences tracking

Know exactly when your emails get opened and links
get clicked to react immediately
  • Track email opens and replies in real-time with email application
  • Get an instant view on any engagement with your content
  • Know what links were clicked and what content resonated better



Deeper personalization

Make every email you send sound and feel like a personal message
  • Insert attachments and in-line images into emails
  • Change variables in the templates or create & share your own templates
  • Insert any Salesforce field into emails, like company name, project name, and more