Accelerate revenue through guided selling

Follow playbooks and replicate winning formula using Revenue Signals, validate your
pipeline, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Revenue Signals

Follow Signals to where the revenue is and hit your quota every time

Revenue Signals are your superpower when it comes to following playbooks or acting on deals at risk to maximize revenue and close every deal.

  • Adhere to your playbooks, carry out sales plays and tactics;
  • Act on deals at risk and put customer engagement on steroids;
  • Set the Signals up to what’s important to you, with no coding required;
  • Choose where to land them: Inbox, browser, or your team`s messenger.


Opportunity Analytics

Take the pulse of
every opp in your pipeline

Keep your eyes on the prize and know what’s going on with each opportunity. Cross-references value of your opps with the time and effort spent to get where you are in each deal. See what deals are lagging behind and take action.

  • Check the health of each opportunity at a glance;
  • See if the next step is scheduled and take action;
  • Know who is really driving the opportunity.
Opportunity Heatmaps

Seize opportunities
that are just within your reach

See the full picture of any opportunity from the beginning to an end. Receive notifications and suggestions to act immediately when the progress on any deal starts to grow cold.

  • Real-time notifications
  • Actionable suggestions



Relationship Intelligence

Uncover real connections between your team and your customer

Strong relationships win deals every time. Easily understand who within your organization has established better rapport with a customer or a prospect. Find solutions easier, hit your targets faster.

  • Type of touchpoints and reccurence of touches;
  • Frequency of communication;
  • Age of relationship and more.
Team Analytics

Discover what makes your best
sales reps the best

Pull back the curtain on your top performers, see what they do differently, and upskill your good reps into great ones.

  • Engagement breakdown of individual reps, teams, your entire sales org, plus KPIs;
  • Past, current and scheduled selling activities insights;
  • Stats on time spent by engagement type & per employee.


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