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Revenue Grid helps VCs focus on
portfolio growth and accelerate revenue
generation for their portfolio companies

Better outreach campaigns for all. Guided selling for portfolio companies. Full sales
performance control. Integrated communication data across your portfolio.

See the benefits

Manage and coach revenue-generation processes
across your portfolio companies more efficiently

  • Auto-capture and analysis of every sales activity
  • Automate your
    outreach and improve
  • Leverage warm introductions in hot companies
  • Monitor critical
    financial indicators and take timely action
  • Sales alerts that
    guide toward revenue
Reveal new opportunities

Leverage automated outreach to potential portfolio companies and real-time engagement tracking

  • Set up automated and semi-automated engagement sequences
  • Get notifications whenever your recipients interact with your content
  • Get full integration with your CRM and calendars
Better portfolio management

Manage your communication data with ease and get full visibility of your portfolio

  • No more manual data input
  • All communications and documents in one place
  • Access any communication data across your portfolio within seconds
Networking for everyone

Discover previously unknown relations between your portfolio companies

  • Learn if your portfolio companies work with a firm/person you want to reach out to
  • Ask for warm introduction and get through to the decision-maker faster
  • Spend less time and money on cold outreach
Liquidity risk management

Monitor the performance of portfolio companies with smart reporting

Get notifications on critical events:

  • Notable deviations of ARR, MRR, Total Revenue, Expenses, Margin, EBITDA, Growth %%, etc.
  • Significant changes in pipeline (growth/shrink), number of new leads, number of deals per period
  • Addition of new accounts to your CRM by your fund or portfolio companies
Revenue maximization

Equip your portfolio companies with
the best sales enablement platform

Make the revenue-generating process:

  • transparent
  • scalable
  • repeatable

Start using Revenue Grid to manage
your portfolio and get a discount

What our customers say

Diversification is the only way for VCs to succeed and decrease liquidity risks. Unfortunately, you have to manage an overwhelming amount of information every day.

With all documents, back-and-forth emails, reports, and sheets, I couldn’t see the whole picture. Revenue Grid helps me make decisions based on complete data. The way I manage my portfolio has changed for good.

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Help your portfolio
companies grow their
revenue faster

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