Standing out from the recruitment crowd with Revenue Grid

  • 50%+
    Email open rate
  • 12
    Hours saved per week
  • 29%
    More candidate submittals

If you use Salesforce as your candidate database, Revenue Grid is a must-have for recruiting.

Pam B., CEO


Pam B. was looking for a solution for outreach for her recruiting business in California. Finding the ideal candidate for each position in the right timeframe takes a lot of outreach.

  • A big timesink

    Pam was recruiting old-school, phoning candidates one by one, making 25 to 35 calls per day. She decided to start group-emailing through Salesforce, but the functionality was lacking. She needed an automated solution and a better way to do data collection and track thousands of emails.

  • Clunky messaging

    Staying personal with candidates was a top priority for Pam. Messages had to speak to each candidate in a unique way.
    Unfortunately, she was having trouble with opt-outs being removed from her mailing list reliably and her emails occasionally landed in spam.

I needed software that would allow me to automate my outreach while keeping it highly personal.

I’ve been more than satisfied with the customer support.

After the help I received getting started, I know I can rely on them to help me through any problems quickly to keep things moving.


Then, Pam found Revenue Grid on the Salesforce AppExchange.
Setting everything up was easy and the customer support team walked her through the functionality to get her up and running quickly.

  • More time for high-ROI work

    Pam started saving time immediately. With Revenue Grid, she could easily build highly-targeted outreach campaigns for each open position using CSV files and Salesforce views. She was also able to automate email-related tasks and import candidates directly into Salesforce, which streamlined her work.

  • Natural messaging

    Pam stopped worrying about messaging candidates who indicated they weren’t interested or who had already replied, thanks to Revenue Grid’s smart opt-out detection.
    Her emails stopped going to spam, since they’re sent right from Outlook, and her responses continue in the same email thread instead of appearing like new emails.

    The ability to send messages to multiple people in the same organization without all of them being delivered at the same time also helped to keep her messaging natural.


After integration with Revenue Grid, Outlook became the ultimate recruitment assistant for Pam, offering serious productivity benefits.

Overall, Pam shifted 12+ hours from her work week away from messaging and organization and devoted it to building even broader campaigns. The number of personalized emails she could send per week increased to 2,000 with an average open rate over 50% and without an increase in opt-outs. Her monthly candidate submittals grew 29% on average.

Revenue Grid really helped me to stand out with unique messaging. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an email solution.

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