Conversational intelligence
right in your Salesforce

Get unique insights on your customer conversations with
smooth Zoom and GoToMeeting integration

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Auto-capture call recordings and transcripts directly to Salesforce

  • Automatically add your Zoom or GoToMeeting recording and full transcript to Salesforce
  • Auto-link the recording to the proper SFDC Event
  • Auto-save to another place, like your corporate data storage



Discover the real topics and keywords in your conversations with prospects

  • Track what was covered: pricing and discounts, specific competitors, pointed product questions, etc.
  • Filter out and search for specific keywords in all recorded meetings per rep, or across the whole team
  • Jump to the exact time when particular keywords were mentioned

Leverage conversational intelligence with Revenue Signals

  • Set up Revenue Signals to flash out themes, topics, and keywords
  • Connect conversational intelligence to opportunity scoring to get a better understanding of the progress each deal is making
  • Take actions based on intel from the call to move deals forward



Remind prospects about the upcoming meeting via SMS

  • Send email or SMS reminders to the meeting organizer and attendees beforehand
  • Include a link to reschedule the meeting, a quick summary from SFDC,
    and communication sources with insights on who knows whom, Introhive scenarios, and more
  • Auto-generate links to your meetings using Revenue Inbox’s Book me or Timeslots features
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