Revenue Inbox vs Salesforce Inbox
(Free and Paid): Product Comparison


Meet the comparison table of major features showcased by RevenueInbox and 2 Salesforce solutions. This
comparison table will empower you to compare pros and cons and make informed decisions on selecting the
best solution for your specific purpose.

Email-calendar management
Auto-save Emails to a standard or custom object
Manually Save Email to a custom object
Save email thread and all future email automatically
Filter out internal email from logging to Salesforce
Blacklist specific domains and email addresses from capturing to Salesforce
Automatically filter out Marketing Newsletters from logging to Salesforce
Rule based auto-saving scenarios for data syncronization
Auto-save Meetings to standard / custom objects and automatically
relate them to invited and attending Leads, Contacts in Salesforce
Auto-save Appointments to standard/custom object
Recurring meetings sync, 100% recurrence patterns
Auto-save Event attachments
Smart Suggestions to create calendar invite based on the email content
View collective availability of your entire team when
sheduling external events
Full Support of delegated / shared calendars and mailboxes
Instantly see whether emails are Inbound vs Outbound when in

Unique Essentials
Relationship Intelligence: View relationship strength
between your organization and prospect accounts
Real time notification on email opens and link clicks
Crop email body only and eliminate capturing entire
threads with every email activity in Salesforce
Prefill record data when creating objects from the
Sidebar with macros support
Support of Whitelist/Blacklist/size filter for attachments
Smart deduplication filter
Save Activities as Enhanced Emails or Tasks
Auto-link attachments from Email to Business objects
(Account, Opportunity, Custom object)
Save original Event Description only and skip future updates
Salesforce Dashboards: team activities, key deals analaytics
and account engagment
Import any data from Salesforce Contact field to Outlook
Contact page
Import any data from Salesforce Task field to Outlook Task page
Auto-create Salesforce Contacts Leads from your
Inbox/Calendar items and correctly relate them to other objects
Link email / events to related opportunity with Smart Sync Rules
Users access control management
Fully customizable Inbox/Calendar Sidebar UI
Custom Filters for records you don't want to synchronize
Fully customize every Salesforce record in the Sidebar
Create objects with a specific record type
View synchronization issues
Track ROI of Revenue Inbox for your Company via ROI Dashboard
Email sequences for your Sales Team

MS Exchange/Outlook 2010 and above
Native Outlook for iOS/Android Add-In (install-less)
Support of multi geolocation for SFDC/Office 365/Exchange instances
Salesforce Partner/Customer community licenses
Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions (Box, Dropbox,
SpringCM, IBM FileNet etc)

On-premises deployment option
Custom VDI deployment support

Enterprise-class support and on-boarding assistance
Generic filters